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LabTech China Congress 2019 registration officially opens! The detailed schedule and official applet functions are all announced

the LabTech China Conference (2019) will be grandly held in Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai on November, 2019. The LabTech China Conference 2019 registration channel has been officially opened recently, and the conference applet has also been officially launched simultaneously. The conference applet integrates eight functions, including the update of the conference schedule, the announcement of speakers, the announcement of simultaneous activities, industry hot spots, wonderful video display, pre registration of participants, and valuable feedback. It provides a platform for laboratory industry personnel to share the development trends of the laboratory industry at home and abroad with the theme of laboratory design, smart laboratory, laboratory environment and safety, laboratory efficiency management, and harmonious development of people and laboratories A professional exchange and interaction platform for innovative products and technologies

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method 2: follow the official (No.: labtechchina), click "registration channel" - "quick registration"

method 3: add the "LabTech laboratory construction and management conference" applet, and click "pre registration of participants"

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method 1: follow the official (No.: labtechchina), Click "registration channel" - "LabTech applet"

method 2: scan the code to enter the "LabTech laboratory construction and management conference" applet

the China International laboratory planning, construction and Management Conference (LabTech China Conference 2019) hosted by Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Munich Expo Group in China, was created by analytical China, an important laboratory industry event in Asia, It is committed to improving the overall development level of planning, construction, management and services in the field of laboratories in China, paying attention to the harmonious relationship between people and laboratories, and promoting the safe, intelligent and sustainable development of laboratories. The American laboratory equipment and Furniture Association (Sefa), the American laboratory automation and screening Association (SLAs) and the European Association for sustainable laboratories (egnaton) were the co organizers of the conference

the three-day conference will focus on five themes: laboratory design and planning, smart laboratory, laboratory efficiency and management, laboratory environment and safety, and the harmonious development of human and laboratory. Through 30 conference forums, 30 seminars and training courses, 60 innovation exhibitions, 3 live laboratories and 10 simultaneous activities, more than 100 domestic and foreign scholars, architectural designers and laboratory industry experts will be invited, Share and discuss global experimental innovative technologies and development trends with 3000 participants, and discuss new opportunities and challenges for the development of Chinese laboratories in 2030

this recyclability is an important issue that must be considered before any new materials are officially used. In addition, there are two parallel forums at the same time of the conference, namely, the frontier forum of bioomics technology and transformation and the SLAs Life Science Forum. The frontier forum of bioomics technology and Transformation -- new trends in molecular diagnosis technology and clinical application (and life science simulation laboratory) will focus on methylation detection technology, single cell sequencing technology, liquid biopsy technology, artificial intelligence and other hot topics with projet MJP 56001, focus on technology hotspots, share scientific research achievements, and jointly discuss the industrial progress of molecular diagnosis technology and the new trends in clinical application and transformation, Realize the good interaction between molecular diagnosis technology and clinic, and promote the development of life science and precision medicine. SLAs life science forum brings together scientists from government authorities, commercial and government laboratories, researchers, technicians and other academic representatives from pharmaceutical enterprises, research institutions and cros. They will discuss the research results and technological innovation of drug research and development and life science with participants from different perspectives such as small molecules, natural products and macromolecules. The content includes target identification, high-throughput screening, translational medicine, antibody research and other hot topics

2019 China International laboratory planning, construction and management conference list

Click to view the detailed schedule. The more serious the strain of timeliness bias is:

[ticket category rights and interests]

ticket in the exhibition area: 198 yuan/person

two rights and interests: more than 30 workshops, 800 square meters of live Lab Innovation Exhibition Area, self-service tea breaks *2 times a day (¥ 398)

conference pass: 980 yuan/person

six rights and interests: three parallel forums, more than 100 frontier reports More than 30 workshops, 800 square meters of live Lab Innovation Exhibition Area, self-service tea breaks *2 per day (¥ 398), conference materials gift bag

vip pass: 1980 yuan/person

nine rights and interests: reserved seats in the front row, hotel self-service lunch *2 days (¥ 888), VIP exquisite gift bag (¥ 498), three parallel forums, more than 100 frontier reports, more than 30 workshops, 800 square meters of live Lab Innovation Exhibition Area, self-service tea breaks *2 per day (¥ 398) Conference materials gift bag

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for more details of "LabTech China congress2019", please pay attention to the official applet "LabTech laboratory construction and management conference" or the official "labtechchina"

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