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According to Taiwan's supply chain manufacturers, the market demand for entry-level and mid-range intelligence is growing faster than that of high-end models. It is expected that the proportion of low-cost thin-film touch panels will increase in 2014. Next year, the competition in the thin film touch panel market will become increasingly fierce, and suppliers in Chinese Mainland, such as Shenzhen Laibao high tech and oufeiguang, are likely to dominate the price trend

according to the news, oufeiguang is integrating its production line to provide its reference design and LCM services to intelligent products, and is expected to be launched between the second quarter and the third quarter of 2014

the usability of the reference design of the oufeiguang thin film touch panel will bring a strong impact on Taiwan's touch panel and flat panel manufacturers. Fifth, when there is no experimental operation. The weak sales of high-end intelligence in 2014 will also affect OGS touch panel suppliers, including TPK and Shenghua technology

even so, it is expected that more suppliers intend to enter the touch panel market next year, including BOE technology and Tianma microelectronics in Chinese Mainland, as well as Taiwan Zhonghua projection tube (CTP), Hanyu Caijing and lingju technology

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