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Lai's company will bring the automatic glass spray paint machine to the Beijing glass exhibition.

Lai's spray paint machine technology Co., Ltd. will bring the third-generation fool type automatic glass spray paint machine with a number of patented technologies to the 26th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition (Beijing)

relying on excellent electrical engineers, our suggestion is that customers come to the manufacturer to visit the team in person. The third generation machine is more humanized, more practical, more environmentally friendly and more stable

1. Adopt multi-stage circulating water treatment device to treat dust, and the dust removal rate can reach more than 95%. Using honeycomb briquette to treat waste gas is more environmentally friendly

2. With high-power converter, the performance is more stable

3. It can not only spray small social inventory of products accumulated in the market downturn stage, but also add a large paint bucket feeding device to realize mass spraying

Lai sincerely invites colleagues in the industry to visit. Please come to booth w

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