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Labels system equipped with Kangnai visual code reader is used for cheese production management and product tracking

labels company, located in eastern France, was founded in 2004, specializing in the production of casein labels, a kind of milk protein with biocompatibility with cheese. The marking method is natural and durable, and the label cannot be removed or forged. Because the cheese bar code can provide reliable identification, it allows manufacturers to protect their goods and brands, resist imitation, and ensure perfect product traceability by allowing them to be displayed in the product manual or accompanying documents

in addition to production data such as traceability and food safety regulations, the labels can also include: origin control name, authenticity assurance and consumer quality label

ensure 100% readability and detection

with the extensive use of data matrix codes and higher data capacity and density, labels has been equipped with a series of code reading systems suitable for the above types of labels

after testing several competitive products, labels chose the DataMan coder of connexion. Jean Paul Ma tre, President of the company, rated the product as the best product in its class. He said: connexion coder has the best effect in reading casein labels, with outstanding quality and performance. Its powerful algorithm can reconstruct seriously faded codes, DataMan code reader has proved to be the only instrument that can reliably identify and achieve 100% tag reading rate

as cheese will change after ripening, reading labels is a challenging task, which means that the code reader can maintain the best reading performance for labels with deformed size, labels with wrong position and labels with partial code damage in the process of cheese production. Regardless of the quality of the label, the Cognex code reader can read without error, and completely reconstruct the code according to the existing data to ensure 100% reliable identification

comprehensive identification and traceability

traceability is the most concerned issue of the agricultural and food sector at present. With Cognex's identification solution and the first link of the product traceability chain, labels decided to develop a comprehensive tracking system with its partners. The system can not only read the label and verify the information content on the label, but also store the information in the central database and connect it with the daily production management system

at present, the solutions provided by labels include: labeling casein labels, automatically assigning labels, providing DataMan fixed or handheld code readers to slide friction situations, automatic label re reading, analysis and management tools, and monitoring

this solution is cost-effective and efficient. It is suitable for managing small manufacturers or large industrial sites. It can carry out production control in real time, take inventory snapshots to determine inventory status, process each cheese stored in the cellar, monitor cheese cleaning, flip cheese, record events and manage production tools

today's operational solutions are more projects in the future

hydraulic technology is developing rapidly. At present, labels Cognex solutions have been adopted by leading manufacturers AOC and AOP. As the main processing machine, the recycled plastic granulator will have a large customer base. For example, del FORMAGGIO Parmigiano Reggiano group, which is responsible for AOP's production of Parmesan cheese in Italy, has chosen labels as its recognized partner, Labels system will be applied to hundreds of dairy farms producing parmesan cheese

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