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In December, 2010, in the packed hall, the popular small ball game of avoiding bullets appeared on the screen. Unlike usual keyboard manipulation, small balls automatically shuttle flexibly between moving bullets

this is a part of the final of the on-site development team of the first global Chinese LabVIEW developer competition of the LabVIEW world conference at the China Station of the NIDays global graphical system design event. Players use the algorithm based on LabVIEW to control the movement of the ball, and compare the strength of each player by comparing the length of time of the game under each algorithm. After several rounds of fierce competition, Jiang Buqin, a player from Taiwan, won the championship successfully

labview World Expo global Chinese LabVIEW developer competition, jointly sponsored by National Instruments (Ni) and the LabVIEW developer community GSDZONE, aims to promote the vast number of LabVIEW enthusiasts to exchange development experience and learn programming technology. Since its launch in March, nearly 1000 Chinese at home and abroad have signed up for the competition

The top three players of the development group held the finals at the NIDays site

application group and the award ceremony of the 11th ni virtual instrument technology application scheme prize essay competition

this competition has a development group and an application group respectively, trying to more comprehensively reflect the level of LabVIEW mastery of contestants. The development team mainly focuses on the competition of LabVIEW programming skills, taking GSDZONE, the developer community of LabVIEW, as the competition base. At the same time, six networking seminars are carefully created, in which contestants show their codes and evaluate each other's merits and demerits. Novel and interesting games, heated discussions and exchanges in an atmosphere, let LabVIEW enthusiasts from the south, North and south of the sky mobile limit rods learn programming skills at the same time, Further improve the programming skills of LabVIEW. After the hard fight of the preliminary audition and six rounds of semi-finals, the three players successfully broke through and participated in the Finals held at the Shanghai NIDays 2010 event on November 4. A total of 350 high-quality LabVIEW codes were generated in this competition. Please visit the GSDZONE code exhibition hall to search for the semi-finals download codes

The winners of the application group and the 11th ni virtual instrument technology application scheme prize essay competition also participated in the award ceremony on the same day of the NIDays event. The "home monitoring robot based on compactrio", written by Shen Chuntai and Tan Fusheng, engineers of Shanghai Electric Research Institute, won the final achievement award. They will have the opportunity to go to the United States to participate in the 2011 niweek global graphical system design event. In addition, many innovative and practical cases stand out, including ESP system performance test platform based on Ni software and hardware product design, remote monitoring system of solar greenhouse group in cold areas, baseband processor of human communication, etc., which reflect the professional level and innovation ability of engineers in various fields. Please click here for competition details

over the years, the graphical system design concept advocated by Ni has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In order to help Chinese engineers and students master the skills of using LabVIEW, Ni has long been committed to the sharing and exchange of LabVIEW technology. LabVIEW World Expo global Chinese LabVIEW developer competition has successfully created a good technical exchange platform for LabVIEW users by gathering LabVIEW programming enthusiasts, discussing LabVIEW technology and sharing excellent cases

for more information about LabVIEW World Expo, please visit the special edition of GSDZONE World Expo

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