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Labor contract (foreign-invested enterprise 2) model text

labor contract of Sino foreign joint venture

Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Party A) is a Sino US joint venture, and now employs Mr./Ms. (hereinafter referred to as Party B) as Party a's contract staff, and this contract is signed on MM DD YY

Article 1 Party B's work department

Article 2 probation period Party B must go through a probation period of months after being hired. During the probation period, either party has the right to terminate the contract, but it needs to notify the other party one month in advance. If Party A proposes to terminate the contract, it shall pay Party B the average take home salary of more than half a month as dismissal compensation. At the expiration of the probation period, if both parties have no objection, this contract will officially take effect, and Party B will become a formal contract employee of Party A

Article 3 work arrangement Party A has the right to arrange and adjust Party B's work according to the production and work needs and Party B's ability and schedule. If the price of high and low temperature test box can increase continuously, the enterprise can get twice the result with half the effort in the market competition. Party B must obey Party A's management and arrangement, and complete the tasks assigned by Party A according to quality and quantity within the specified working hours

Article 4 education and training during the employment of Party B, Party A is responsible for educating and training party B in professional ethics, business technology, safety production and various rules and regulations

Article 5 production and working conditions party a must provide Party B with a safe and hygienic working environment in line with national regulations, otherwise Party B has the right to refuse to work or terminate the contract

Article 6 working hours Party B shall work no more than six days a week and no more than eight hours a day (excluding meal time). If Party A needs to work overtime, Party A shall arrange the same time off for Party B or pay Party B according to the national standard, and the cost will not appear too high

Article 7 labor remuneration Party A shall determine Party B's labor income every month according to the wage form and assessment method stipulated by the company, pay Party B wages and bonuses in cash RMB, and pay Party B various subsidies and welfare expenses in accordance with relevant national regulations

Article 8 labor insurance benefits Party A shall pay Party B medical expenses, sick pay, disability pension, retirement pension and other labor insurance benefits in accordance with the provisions of the national labor insurance regulations

Party B shall enjoy a total of seven national statutory paid holidays such as new year's day, Spring Festival, "May Day" and "National Day". If Party B's family members are in other places, the test results are not accurate at that time. If Party B implements family planning, Party B shall enjoy the treatment of home leave and family planning leave according to national regulations. If Party B meets the company's leave conditions, it shall enjoy the annual leave treatment

Article 9 labor protection Party A shall provide Party B with labor protection supplies and health food according to the needs of production and work and national regulations

Party A's national regulations provide corresponding labor protection for female workers during menstruation, pregnancy, puerperium and lactation

Article 10 labor discipline Party B shall abide by the national laws and regulations, the code of staff and Party A's rules and regulations

Article 11 rewards and punishments Party A will give material and spiritual rewards to Party B in accordance with the company's reward and punishment regulations according to Party B's working attitude, labor performance and contribution. If Party B violates the "code of staff" and other rules and regulations of Party A, Party A has the right to give Party B sanctions. If Party B violates the criminal law and is subject to legal sanctions, Party A will be dismissed and this contract will be terminated automatically

Article 12 term of contract this contract shall come into force from the date of signing, and shall be valid for years and expire on mm/DD/yyyy

Article 13 the company's staff code (omitted) is an annex to this contract and an effective part of this contract

Party A:

Party B:

signature and seal of the company's general manager (or its representative)

personal signature and seal of employees

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