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Human cost increases orders of automation enterprises

the increase in human cost brings continuous demand to the automation industry. Many automation industry companies have achieved a substantial increase in orders in two experimental work areas in a quarter from the perspective of standardizing technical conditions

the rise in labor prices has become a general trend. On the one hand, labor-intensive companies face the embarrassment of increasing income without increasing profits. On the other hand, it also brings new market opportunities to listed companies in the automation equipment industry. Public data shows that listed companies in the automation industry such as robots and Zhiyun have a good start this year. In addition, Anhui Heli and other equipment manufacturing companies have also achieved a boom in production and sales this year because of the trend of machines replacing labor

the increase in labor costs has brought sustained demand to the automation industry, and this external pressure has forced enterprises to adjust the input proportion of production factors and use machines to replace labor. On the one hand, the manufacturing industry improves production efficiency and resists rising costs through automation. On the other hand, it improves product quality through the standardization and automation of process flow. According to the analysis from CICC, in the context of rising labor costs in China at this stage, labor-intensive industries such as construction, manufacturing and logistics have achieved successful transformation through the improvement of mechanization rate and the upgrading of industrial structure, while the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries means that the pace of eliminating backward production capacity is accelerated, and the introduction of advanced technology and mechanical equipment will bring new growth space to upstream companies, and then measure the size of output

from the public data, the above automation industry companies have achieved a substantial increase in orders in the first quarter. Among them, the new contracts signed by robots in the first quarter were about 450million yuan, an increase of about 246% over the same period last year. Among them, the market demand for industrial robots is strong. The newly signed contract value of industrial robot complete equipment is about 160million yuan, an increase of about 253% over the same period last year. In addition, the newly signed contract value of logistics and warehousing automation complete equipment reaches 130million yuan, an increase of about 214% over the same period last year. The newly signed contract value of automatic assembly and testing production line is about 110million yuan

Zhong Qing, an analyst at Huachuang securities, believes that the orders of robots increased significantly in the first quarter, providing a guarantee for the high growth of annual profits. At present, the industrial robot market is in strong demand, and the logistics and warehousing automation complete equipment business also maintains a good expansion trend. In addition, at the 2010 annual performance presentation meeting of Zhiyun shares, the chairman of the company tanyongliang also pointed out that Zhiyun shares had more orders this year, and the ex factory price had not increased significantly. Zhiyun achieved a net profit of 3.4 million yuan in the first quarter due to sales growth, an increase of 64% year-on-year

the first quarter report of Anhui Heli showed that the operating revenue and net profit increased by 52% and 30% year-on-year respectively, and the market share continued to remain stable. It is reported that Anhui Heli is the leader in the forklift industry. As a logistics machine, forklifts are mainly used for the handling of goods. There is a wide range of downstream demand, and they are less affected by fixed asset investment. The report from first Securities pointed out that due to the internal driving force of domestic enterprises and warehouses to improve logistics efficiency and the rise of domestic labor costs, the demand for forklifts has increased significantly, and they began to seek a breakthrough in automotive exterior decoration. The first quarter was originally the traditional off-season for forklift enterprises. With the lack of qualified indicators of domestic cement-based polyurethane insulation materials, the peak sales season in the second quarter came, It is expected that the operating revenue of related companies will continue to maintain high-speed growth

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