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The era of laboratory sharing economy is coming, and large-scale scientific research instruments and equipment are the leader

in recent years, the state has invested intensively in scientific research facilities and instrument scale, which has significantly improved the status of large-scale instruments and equipment. Different from sharing cars and bicycles, the sharing of scientific research instruments and devices is not known to the majority of the public, but the "laboratory sharing economy" has come. The author learned from the "10th China life science public platform management and development seminar" which concluded last weekend that the public technology service center of the Institute of Biochemistry and cell biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has 965 sets of instruments and equipment, with a total value of hundreds of millions of yuan. The R & D personnel of universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises can make an appointment for the use time of the instrument through the instrument and equipment sharing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Shanghai R & D public service platform. As a third-party scientific research instrument sharing platform, Lanyi has signed contracts with more than 1400 laboratories to provide technology research and development, inspection and testing services for enterprises

use idle resources to serve enterprise innovation

in the tide of scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship, scientific research instruments are indispensable tools. However, for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises, the cost of purchasing instruments and equipment is too high, which brings obstacles to their product research and development. On the other hand, the laboratories of many universities and scientific research institutes have a large number of scientific research instruments, but they are often idle. Can we set up a platform to release the scientific and technological resources of colleges and universities and scientific research institutes to the plastic extruder? The orders of enterprises have rebounded, and the exports have increased steadily for the whole society, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises? The answer is yes

with the rapid development of hydraulic technology in China, the Symposium on the management and development of public platforms for life sciences began in 2008 and is a high-end conference in the field of public platforms for life sciences in China. The 10th Symposium attracted nearly 200 platform management and technology experts from more than 60 universities and scientific research institutes across the country, with the theme of "life science and technology platform construction in the era of sharing economy". At the meeting, Zhu Yue, deputy director of Shanghai R & D Public Service Platform Management Center, introduced that after years of construction, Shanghai R & D public service platform has gathered more than 1200 franchise institutions, which can provide more than 400000 R & D services, and gathered 8969 sets of large-scale scientific research instruments with a total value of more than 11.373 billion yuan from 544 management units

the professional team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences acts as an experimental assistant

as an internationally renowned scientific research institution, the Institute of Biochemistry and cell biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is one of the participating institutions. In order to give full play to the advantages of equipment, talents and technology of the Academy of Sciences and better serve the society, the Institute has established a public technical service center, whose operation is relatively independent of each research group

Dr. zhangwenjuan, executive deputy director of the public technical service center, told Jiefang Shangguan that the center has gathered more than 140 sets of equipment with a value of more than 100000 yuan, including nearly 40 sets of large instruments with a value of more than one million yuan, basically realizing the full coverage of life science research. In addition to high-end instruments, the center also has rich model animal resources such as mice, fruit flies, zebrafish, and cell banks/stem cell banks. "This has formed a chain of scientific research evidence, allowing R & D personnel in the field of life sciences to do various topics and verify their research results on model animals for the field calibration of five epidemic prevention medical equipment."

in order to do a good job in technical services, the center has more than 70 full-time staff. This is a highly educated and young team, with an average age of about 30 years old. Many backbones have doctorates, master's degrees and overseas study experience. The team of full-time personnel worked hard to ensure the stable and good operation of the equipment, and made use of the scientific research advantages of the Institute to promote the development of instrument technology and experimental technology. After using the resources of the center, the researchers inside and outside the Institute will get the strong assistance of this team and smoothly obtain the experimental results

the trading volume of the sharing platform has reached 286million yuan

the sharing economy is inseparable from the network platform of market-oriented operation. The positioning of the wings is the third-party platform of "laboratory sharing economy". Liuhuiwei, the founder and CEO of dragwing, introduced that this network platform has been online for two years, with more than 8000 enterprise users, more than 1400 franchised laboratories, more than 12000 large-scale scientific research instruments, 220000 inspection and testing items can be reserved, and the transaction volume has reached 286million yuan

in his view, "laboratory sharing economy" can be divided into four development stages: laboratory information management, laboratory big data architecture, big data analysis based on unique core algorithms, and artificial intelligence services. At present, dragwing is developing from the first stage to the second stage, that is, it has collected the information of more than 1400 laboratories in China to the network platform, so that users can search services and compare goods on the platform; At the same time, they are building a big data architecture to lay the foundation for the analysis of massive experimental data in the future. With the rise of a new generation of artificial intelligence, the laboratory shared network platform will also adopt this kind of technology, combining structured data with deep learning algorithms to provide users with more intelligent and accurate services


to sum up, establishing an efficient public service system for valuable instruments and equipment and improving the use efficiency of valuable instruments and equipment is an important work of efficient laboratory management, which involves a wide range and requires the cooperation of multiple departments of the state. As long as the state pays attention to the implementation of improving the use efficiency of valuable instruments and equipment, it can not only promote the country to improve the quality of talent training and scientific research level, but also provide strong support for the development of social science and technology

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