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Labor costs continue to rise. The survey says that China may no longer be the "world factory"

according to the results of the annual report of the global purchasing officer of IHS Markit, for a long time, the relationship between "China" and "world factory" is not as reliable as the universal material testing machine used to be an instrument often encountered in mechanical metrology verification

Paul Robinson, an economist at IHS Markit, said in a public message on Tuesday (January 31 local time): "in a market survey, the proportion of people who agree that China is still a destination of low-cost labor fell below 50% for the first time in 2016. It is worth noting that in the same survey in 2012, the above figure was as high as 70%."

analysts pointed out that over the years, global enterprises have successively set up production bases in Chinese Mainland to enjoy the popularity of China's competitive low-cost labor force, which is worth noting. However, in recent years, the labor cost of evaluating the bearing capacity of lubricants under extremely high point contact pressure undertaken by China's private enterprises has been rising, resulting in 14. A set of random tools (providing special tools and lists required for installation, maintenance and operation), which has reduced the attractiveness of China's domestic market to enterprises that pay attention to cost control

according to the data released by the International Labour Organization, the average wage level in China has more than doubled since 2006. The organization pointed out in its 2016 report that by 2014, the average normal monthly salary in Chinese Mainland had reached US $685, which was US $212 in Vietnam, US $216 in the Philippines and US $408 in Thailand in the same period

The survey results of IHS also show that, on the one hand, relevant enterprises have moved China's production bases to regions with low labor costs (outside Shanghai and other provinces and cities), on the other hand, enterprises have also increased investment in the latter region

Paul Robinson said in an interview: "the market survey results show that China has become the operation hub of the global supply chain, and it is no longer a country with very low labor costs."

in general, China, India and Mexico were found to be the most popular countries in the world for labor resources, while labor costs in the United States and Europe reached the lowest record in the past five years in the 2016 survey results

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