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In late February, methyl methacrylate Market in domestic acrylate Market

from last week to the beginning of this week, the atmosphere of methyl methacrylate market continued to improve due to resource constraints. As of today, the downstream response still needs to be further improved. The buyer and the seller are slightly deadlocked at the price level, and the transaction has not been significantly large compared with the previous period. The mainstream quotation of traders in the spot market in East China is yuan/ton, and the transaction focus is yuan/ton. The transaction price of a few retail investors makes all personnel of TBEA Co., Ltd. have a strong desire for survival and development, as high as 14400 yuan/ton. The mainstream quotation of traders in the spot market in South China is yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is yuan/ton

from last week to the beginning of this week, the methyl methacrylate Market in East China was affected by the favorable factors of tight supply of goods. Buyers' inquiries gradually rose, and the market quotation gradually rose. As of today, according to the △ vs value of plastics, the quotation focus of local traders is about 14500 yuan/ton, and some shipholders offer slightly higher than 15000 yuan/ton due to the limited number of spot goods in their hands. However, the downstream factories have not been launched on a large scale, and the current demand has not significantly increased, so the actual transaction focus is still maintained at yuan/ton

the methyl methacrylate Market in South China showed a significant upward trend last week, and the spot supply was relatively tight. At the beginning of this week, the market changed little, and the downstream market demand still needs to be improved. At present, there is no significant volume of transactions. The quotation of local traders remained stable at yuan/ton, the focus of transaction was yuan/ton, and the transaction price of some batches was slightly lower

the North China market was stimulated by the continuous price increase of upstream manufacturers last week, and the local mainstream quotation gradually moved up to yuan/ton. However, the buyer did not respond to this price, and the trading volume was scarce. At the beginning of this week, there was little change in the local market, and the mainstream quotation was still stable at yuan/ton, but the high-end price was not popular, and the low-end price batch transactions were limited, and the focus of transactions was slightly lower at yuan/ton. As the trend in March is still uncertain, some buyers are still cautious about subsequent replenishment

from last week to the beginning of this week, the overall performance of the local market was "price without market". Driven by the sharp rise in other domestic markets, the mainstream quotation in the local market also rose to 14500 yuan/ton. However, due to the slow improvement of downstream demand, the actual transaction was quite limited

from last week to the beginning of this week, the export volume of major local manufacturers was low, so the quotation followed the upward trend. As of today, the price of the local market intention to establish a green, low-carbon and efficient new image of the industry is intended to rise to 15000 yuan/ton. Downstream buyers have obvious resistance to this price, and the trading volume is scarce

last week, the quotation of various manufacturers still followed the upward trend, and the quotation of major manufacturers increased by yuan/ton, but the actual transaction has not been followed up synchronously

recently, due to the low saleable inventory of domestic manufacturers and the large impact of the Spring Festival transportation on the early transportation problems, the current domestic spot supply is relatively tight, and the intended quotation of a few cargo holders is gradually explored. However, at the same time, the downstream plants have not yet been fully started, so they are not responsive to the current market quotation, resulting in a slight weakness in the upward trend. Overall, the methyl methacrylate market is likely to stabilize in the near future

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