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In mold labeling packaging technology helps to improve the packaging grade

Product packaging, as the coat of products, is the first impression of consumers when they first contact products. This plays a huge role in the eyeball economy and directly affects consumers' purchase mechanism. Therefore, the packaging is increasingly refined and beautified. In addition to the exquisite configuration of the package itself, the special stretching attachment also needs the exquisite cooperation of the label

in recent years, with the development of domestic market economy, especially the rapid development of food, daily chemicals, medicine, electronic products, supermarkets, logistics and other industries, China's label industry has shown a leap forward development, and the output value and total volume have achieved rapid growth. In 2012, the total output value of label printing industry reached 26billion yuan, and the output reached 3.4 billion square meters, an increase of 13% and 14% respectively over 2011. With the rapid development of China's label industry, some new label technologies with great potential have begun to emerge, and in mold labeling is one of them

the so-called in mold label is to put the printed trademark label image sheet (with hot melt adhesive on the back) directly into the mold area in the plastic molding machine, and combine the label with the container through blow molding or injection molding to form a complete packaging container. In mold labeling has been widely used in the field of daily chemicals and condiments. Especially for daily chemical products, in mold labeling is widely favored by daily chemical enterprises because of its protective, functional and decorative functions. For in mold labeling, it can get beautiful color patterns on the bottle like silk printing

in mold labeling technology has been applied abroad for quite a long time. Its in mold label production and in mold labeling machine production and application have been very mature. In mold label is a new label packaging form different from traditional label packaging. Traditional label packaging forms mainly include heat shrinkable label packaging, self-adhesive label packaging and direct wire printing label packaging, His appearance has brought a great revolution to label packaging. Compared with the traditional label packaging form, the advantages of in mold labeling are: 1. It plays an anti-counterfeiting role; 2. It improves the product grade, the label color is more bright, and the hand feel is smooth; 3. It simplifies the production process, and greatly improves the production efficiency; 4. The in mold labeling product has strong practicability, low loss, and will not be warped or damaged. It also has water-proof, oil-proof, acid and alkali resistant, and friction resistant. Throwing, labels and products can be recycled at the same time, simplifying the regeneration process, Taking into account environmental protection. At present, more and more cosmetics and washing products manufacturers in China choose plastic bottles with in mold labeling to package their products. For example, Wuhan Sibao company, Meiyu, Guangzhou blue moon and other enterprises are among the first daily chemical enterprises to use in mold labeling. At present, Sibao company uses all plastic containers with in mold labeling. In mold labeling technology will be more and more widely used in cosmetics, washing products, daily chemical industry and other industries, and will be more and more favored by consumers

providing safe, hygienic and durable packaging support for food has become the main reason for food manufacturers to choose in mold labeling technology. The in mold labeling packaging technology is a good form of label. Because the in mold labeling is waterproof, it will not produce problems such as deformation, warping, dropping, etc. it is very convenient to use, so it avoids the secondary pollution of products. Traditional self-adhesive labeling increases the risk of product contamination due to the increased labeling process. At the same time, in mold labeling technology can effectively avoid the impact of label damage on sales, making consumers feel more safe to use. Take ice cream products as an example. Because ice cream needs to be refrigerated in the freezer, it is inevitable that the box is covered with water and frosted. The edge curling and bulging of self-adhesive labels caused by moisture occur from time to time, and even lead to label falling off in serious cases. These conditions that are detrimental to the appearance and image have affected the choice of consumers to a certain extent, and also affected the normal sales of businesses and production enterprises. Therefore, when the in mold labeling technology entered the domestic market, it became the first choice for many ice cream product packaging. Nestle, heluxue, Baxi and other well-known enterprises have successively adopted this technology

in the past two years, high value-added products in the dairy industry such as yogurt and cheese have also tended to apply in mold labeling packaging technology. As for the performance of in mold labeling packaging technology, a packaging person in charge of Guangming dairy said: at present, in mold labeling packaging technology is mainly used in the three major products of Guangming dairy 1911 series raw yogurt, truthful series yogurt and cheese. In terms of effect, the product packaging quality is very stable. The choice of in mold labeling packaging technology is mainly due to the high requirements of today's consumers for packaging. Packaging to a certain extent determines the grade impression of products and affects the marketing effect of products. Compared with other packaging forms, in mold labeling packaging technology solves the problems of easy label falling and edge warping, and the packaging is more beautiful, which can greatly improve the minimum three market competitiveness of products

modern packaging has gone beyond its original role. It is no longer a simple container, but an important means of communication. Various effects can play a role here. For example, because of its lifelike and high-quality image effect, in mold labeling can really make products win attention on the shelf. Red fa30 and isomily circle biscuit boxes are the latest in mold labeling packaging produced by WPG group in its UK factory. Their packaging covers and boxes are decorated with in mold labeling technology. Coupled with the appetizing and bright biscuit image design, they give it a high-quality appearance feature

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