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In September, 2003, the national computer grade examination level II C language written examination questions

1. Multiple choice questions ((1) ~ (40) 1 point per question, (41) ~ (50) 2 points per question, a total of 60 points)

(1) in the computer, the number of binary bits contained in a byte is

A) 2 b) 4 C) 8 d) 16

(2) in the multimedia computer, CD-ROM belongs to

a) storage media b) transmission media C) presentation media d) means media

(3) in DOS system, file names with wildcards ** Indicates

a) all files on the hard disk b) all files in the current directory of the current disk


c) all files on the current disk d) all files in the root directory

(4) hexadecimal number 100 is converted to decimal number

a) 256 b) 512 C) 1024 d) 64

(5) The software that can convert the source program written in high-level language into the target program is

a) assembler b) program c) interpreter d) compiler

(6) in the Internet, the protocol used to transfer files between computers is

a) telnet b) BBS C) FTP d) www

(7) in the Windows environment, A folder in the left window of explorer is marked with a "+" mark on the left, indicating that

a) the folder is empty b) the folder contains subfolders

c) the folder only contains executable files d) the folder contains system files

(8) in the windows environment, the correct description in the following is

a) items can be added to the "start" menu, You can also delete items

b) you can't add items in the "start" menu, and you can't delete items

c) you can add items in the "start" menu, but you can't delete items

d) you can't add items in the "start" menu, but you can delete items

(9) after entering DOS mode from Windows environment, The command to return to Windows environment is

a) quit b) win C) exit d) esc

(10) the correct one in the following description is

a) computer virus only infects executable files

b) computer virus only infects text files

c) computer virus can only spread by software replication

d) computer virus can spread by reading and writing disks or networks

(11) What is correct in the following description is that

a) the comment part in the C program can appear in any suitable place in the program

b) the curly brackets "{" and "}" can only be used as the delimiters of the function body

c) the basic unit constituting the C program is the function, and all function names can be named by the user

d) the semicolon is the separator between C statements, Not part of the statement

(12) among the following options, those that can be used as legal integers of C language are

a) 10110b b b) 0386 C) 0xffa d) x2a2

(13) the following that cannot be defined as user identifiers are

a) scanf b) void C)_ 3com_ D) Int

(14) there are the following programs


{int a; char c=10;

float f=100.0; double

e X;

a=f/=c*= (x=6.15, automatic storage: experimental conditions, test results, test curves and data can be automatically stored 5);

printf ("%d%d%3.1f

%3.1fn", a, A.C, F, x);


after the program was run, the first batch of copper alloy functional new material samples produced by Guoliang copper in June this year were officially offline. The output result is

a) 16516.5 b) 16

5 1.5 6.5

c) 1651.0 6.5 d) 2651.5 6.5

(15) the illegal expression in the following options is

C) (char) (65+3) d) x+1=x+1

(16) there are the following procedures


{int a=1, b=2, m=0, n=

0, K;

k= (n=b a) | | (m=a

printf ("%d,%dn", K, m);


the output result after the program runs is

a) 0,0 b) 0,1 C) 1,0

d) 1,1

(17) defined statement: int x, y;, If the value is 11, the variable y gets the value 12. The following four groups of inputs need to get the number of variable X through scanf ("%d,%d", x, the statement. In the form, the error is

a) 11 12 enter b) 11, 12 enter

c) 11,12 enter d) 11, enter

12 enter

(18) has the following program segments:

int x=2002, y=2003


then what is correct in the following description is

A) the number of format specifiers in the output statement is less than the number of output items, which cannot be output correctly

b) error messages are generated during operation

C) the output value is 2002

d) the output value is 2003

(19) set the variable x as float type and has been assigned, And the third digit is rounded to

, then the value in X can be retained to two digits after the decimal point in the following sentences

a) x=x*100+0.5/100.0 the main purpose of the experimental machine is: it is suitable for tensile, contraction, bending, shearing and other experiments of metal materials and components; B)x=(x*100+0.5)/100.0;

C)x=(int)(x*100+0.5)/100.0; D)x=(x/100+0.5)*100.0;

(20) there are defined statements: int a=1, b= the oil pump keeps running; 2, c= is

3, X;, Then after the execution of each program segment in the following options, the value of X is not 3

a) if (c) if (a 3) x=3

else if (b lse if (a 2) x=2;

else x=3; else x=1;

C) if (a 3) x=3; D) if (a =b;

if (a 2) x=2; if (b

if (a 1) x=1; if (c

a) x=a;

(21) there are the following programs


{int s=0, a=1, N;

scanf ("%d",


{s+=1; a=a-2;}


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