The most popular orri konumag installs 3 two-compo

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Eurekon Neumag has successfully installed three two-component short fiber production lines for two long-term cooperative Chinese customers, each with a capacity of 50t/d, to produce pp/pe and pet/pe skin core two-component fibers, which will not affect the accuracy of the production of sanitary products. HP has also reached a cooperation with BASF

although the installation process was affected by the epidemic, the three production lines were installed within 3~5 months and have started to operate stably

eurekon Neumag has many years of professional experience in the manufacturing of two-component staple fiber production lines. The torzenmarathon technology is an ideal solution after the first equipment was installed in 1995. The company can provide a variety of two-component fiber production equipment, including skin core type, parallel type, island type, orange petal type, trefoil type, etc. It has a wide range of applications, including self crimping fiber, adhesive fiber, superfine fiber, hollow fiber, etc

eurekon Neumag two-component staple fiber production equipment is equipped with advanced spinneret system, which does not need expensive and easily worn parts and greatly reduces the cost. The repair cost for cleaning the spinneret system is also controlled at the lowest level. The spinning boxes of two kinds of polymer materials are equipped with independent temperature selective transmission system. Therefore, the mass and viscosity of the two polymer materials can be accurately adjusted according to the production requirements

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