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There are still emerging trends in the capacity of the outdoor advertising market in Japan and China

worldwide, in terms of population and culture, the outdoor advertising market in Japan and China should be the most similar. I have always wanted to know more about Japan's outdoor advertising. Therefore, as long as we can test the empirical value, we can develop information. However, there are few sources of content. Until recently, I read an article by Diantong, There is more literal understanding of this market. After refining some dry goods views, the person in charge: since 2007, he has collated and commented on it and shared it with you a little - especially in the field of outdoor procedural trading, the opportunities and problems we face are actually the same

to understand the Japanese outdoor advertising market, we should first understand its market capacity and emerging trends from the macro level

according to the forecast, the overall outdoor advertising market revenue in Japan this year will reach US $4.66 billion, including US $4.11 billion in traditional advertising revenue and US $550 million in digital outdoor revenue

according to peterj. According to Solomon's 2016 survey, the global digital outdoor advertising market is expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 13.2% from 2013 to 20. According to the digital signage Research Report of Fujitsu Research Institute in 2015, this figure will be 27.8% in Japan, showing a strong growth capacity. In addition, the 2016 Research Report of ocean outdoor estimated the growth rate of Japanese digital outdoor from now to 2021 as 86%, exceeding the growth rate of mobile (67%) and advertising (49%)

according to the Research Report of Fujitsu Research Institute, in 2020, the market value of digital outdoor advertising is expected to reach 150billion yen, with a compound annual growth rate of 27.8%

digital outdoor promotes programmed transactions

Japan's digital advertising field also faces problems such as advertising fraud and junk content, but outdoor is relatively unaffected by these factors. Therefore, its advertising value has not been diluted

with the growth of digital outdoor, the practice of the industry has to change accordingly

in essence, the digital attribute of digital outdoor media means the immediacy of the picture, which can be well compatible with social media. More importantly, by connecting digital outdoor with various data types, it is expected to create a beautiful experience suitable for the current scene, and its effect is much better than that of traditional one-way outdoor advertising

therefore, outdoor programmed advertising is an inevitable stage in the development of digital outdoor. It can realize the automation of a series of advertising related operations and transactions, and use unprecedented amounts of data to make outdoor advertising creative and effective

three challenges faced by outdoor procedural exchanges

outdoor procedural purchase can not only achieve mandatory exposure, but also make the content more relevant to consumers. However, to realize this vision, the industry must work together to solve three major problems

leading is the general standard for outdoor advertising effect evaluation. In fact, Japan does not have a unified standard for measuring the effect of outdoor advertising. The industry still uses the data of the total number of audiences, which can see the total number of advertising audiences. In terms of qualitative research on consumers, the cost of data collection is still the main obstacle in the industry

the second is the automatic transaction of outdoor advertising resources. The outdoor advertising market in Japan is fragmented. If you want to cover 80% of the market share, you have to obtain the consent of more than 1000 media companies. In the field of traffic advertising, even if the 11 railway media operators in Kanto add up, their overall share in the market is less than 50%. These advertising resources are distributed and managed by different companies, and the broadcast control systems of various digital signs are also diverse, which involve a lot of manpower. Therefore, advertisers want to launch outdoor programs. In the current environment, they can only use a small amount of advertising resources after being placed outdoors for half a year

the third is a unified advertising content distribution platform. At present, most of the digital outdoor advertising broadcasting platforms are based on local closed systems, and few systems allow foreign users to access and use them in real time. Therefore, the static advertising broadcast control system is the mainstream, which requires personnel to prepare the content in advance and set the broadcast time in advance. If the system allows outsiders to continuously access, it is possible to provide dynamic content based on real-time and third-party data. The key problem is that you have to have an advertising content broadcast control system separated from the existing digital advertising server

group heating is the only way out for the industry

China has all these problems, and they are more serious than these

the industry needs to unite to solve practical problems such as unified measurement standards, the construction of media transaction framework, and the automatic pre heating of advertising content, so that outdoor procedural transactions can become a reality

Diantong believes that outdoor should also pay attention to the development of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, which can be well applied in the industry

after years of observation and practice, I think technology is no longer a problem. The key is still a human problem. The interest factors involved in the industry are complex and hidden rules run rampant. It is not easy to change

but when I step out of the industry, I see that opportunities outweigh challenges. With the progress of technology and the times, difficult problems such as measurement, trading, broadcast control and data will be solved. The future of digital outdoor media must be a combination of refinement, digitization, programming and finance. In this way, it is mobile, distributed and maximized in value. It has entered an era in which use is more important than ownership

source: Bosi outdoor observation

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