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Ou Lisheng chenlixian: lean service continues to write a century old brand legend

Ou Lisheng chenlixian: lean service continues to write a century old brand legend

China Construction Machinery Information

under the "new normal" of economy, the aerial work platform market with booming data every year is increasingly concerned by the engineering machinery industry. The tireless efforts over the past decade have made the French brand "Haulotte" famous in China's aerial work platform market. In particular, the establishment of the first authorized training center of ipaf (International Association for aerial work) in China in the factory building of Haulotte in Shanghai has proved the profound strength of this century old European enterprise

Mr. chenlixian, general manager of euryson Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Asia, said in an interview with China Construction Machinery Information () during BICES 2015 that based on the huge population and market scale, there is no doubt about the huge potential of China's aerial work platform market. "This is a relatively young market. In addition to the strengthening of legislation by industry institutions, more and more people see the safety, convenience and efficiency brought about by the aerial work platform. Ou Lisheng is not only optimistic about this blue ocean, but also promotes the popularization of this machine in the Chinese market to protect the road to realizing the 'Chinese dream'."

Mr. chenlixian, general manager of euryson Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Asia, had a cordial group photo with China Construction machinery information.

"safety" is the key to winning the brand.

according to incomplete statistics, nearly 5000 people die each year in China due to the use of aerial work baskets for urban building maintenance alone. An important reason for safety accidents is the non-standard use of scaffolding, baskets and other tools, This kind of operation mode has been basically replaced by aerial work vehicles in developed countries. Experts predict that with the increasing attention paid by the state and society to safety production, staff safety and civilized construction, the investment in the field of safety production has increased significantly, and aerial work vehicles will be widely used in urban building maintenance in the future

as one of the world's three largest manufacturers of a full range of aerial work platforms, Eurizon was founded in 1881. After more than 100 years of baptism, it has now developed into a large-scale worldwide and collectivized company. In 2006, with advanced technologies and products, Ou Lisheng began its deep cultivation journey in the Chinese market, and established Ou Lisheng Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai. Mr. chenlixian, general manager of euryson Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in Asia, believes that "safety" and "stability" are the core of euryson's aerial work equipment and the key to euryson's brand winning good reputation in the global market

in addition to passing ISO 9001, Amway international is designing and developing a new type of polyurethane synthetic innovative material quality system certification for MiCasa. The equipment standards of Ou Lisheng fully meet or even exceed the requirements and regulations of the European Academy of Sciences as, the European quality certification agency CE, the American National Organization for Standardization ANSI, the Canadian Standards Association CSA and other relevant departments. Chenlixian said that in order to adapt to the changing market and continuously improve safety standards, euryson constantly pursues innovative technologies, "Many advanced technologies and designs are applied to our products, such as the unique 'platform overload protection system' before providing more comprehensive, more timely and more effective information services for the platform's production enterprises, trading enterprises and terminal enterprises. This technology gives the decision-making power of work safety to the machine itself rather than the operator, which not only ensures the safety of the operator, but also protects the machine from being used improperly Early wear. "

on April 10, 2014, the first authorized training center of ipaf (International Association for high altitude work) in China was officially opened in the factory of euryson in Shanghai, and the first ipaf training in China was started on July 29, 2015. Ipaf was founded in Britain and has a history of 30 years. By providing technical consultation and information, influencing and interpreting regulations and standards, and through its safety measures and training programs, the association is committed to promoting the safe and efficient use of aerial work equipment worldwide. It is a "non-profit organization" representing the interests of manufacturing, leasing companies, contractors and users

unlike the traditional training for dealers, the ipaf training course is more professional, mainly focusing on safety education and operation. It teaches students how to correctly and safely operate the machine on the basis of understanding and being familiar with the machine, regularly inspect the machine, and flexibly deal with road safety problems. According to chenlixian's analysis, "safety" has become a key word for the future development of aerial work platforms with the increasing demand for aerial work. It is believed that with the continuous progress of ipaf training, China will set up a special association to communicate and negotiate with the government on safety issues in the near future

rational view of market fluctuations lean service user demand

over the past hundred years, Ou Lisheng has experienced numerous ups and downs in the industry. Ou Lisheng has been able to look at China's construction machinery market under the "new normal" with a calm mind. In chenlixian's view, although China's aerial work market has a broad prospect, the whole industry is relatively young and vulnerable to the global supply cycle of construction machinery and equipment. For ou Lisheng, "steadiness and sustainability" are of great importance

"in fact, we are very satisfied with the performance of euryson so far in 2015. Our sales data show that euryson's aerial work vehicle sales continue to grow at a high speed in both the global market and the Chinese market, and euryson has always been the market leader in terms of market share." Chenlixian said frankly, "how can we continue to maintain and expand this leading edge?" It has become an important issue to be solved in the development of Ou Lisheng in the next decade

chenlixian said: "we adopt a lean business model, which means that we need more flexibility to respond to market changes. Each market has different needs, we need to listen to them, and meet these needs according to different standards. We need to have continuous excellence in manufacturing, quality and after-sales."

with the opportunity of bices2015, Ou Lisheng has launched star10 vertical mast elevator, new hA20 rtjhaulotte cross-country curved arm elevator, optim8 shear lift and gb/t 701 ⑼ 7 low carbon steel hot-rolled disc bar lowering machine and other new products for the global market. Chenlixian introduced that the comprehensive promotion of China's "new urbanization construction" and "new rural construction" has created a greater demand for small, flexible and medium-sized construction machinery in the market. "Our star10 vertical mast elevator is very popular in the Chinese market because of its small collection size, flexible operation, and 2.73M space extension. It can meet the operation needs in a narrow space only by increasing the driving air pressure."

at the same time, as for the transformation of China's aerial work from "user market" to "leasing market", Ou Lisheng also actively faces the customer demand. Chenlixian said that in foreign markets, it usually takes five years from the industry germination to stable development. In the Chinese market, due to the participation of a large number of small and medium-sized aerial work vehicles in the early stage, the industry has experienced the challenge of "price war" earlier. After the running in period, it is now on the track of steady development

compared with the traditional purchase form, the lease form has obvious advantages and is favored by more and more Chinese users. According to chenlixian, the market survey shows that the ratio of terminal customers to leasing customers of oulisheng has also increased from 8:2 to 5:5. It is expected that the ratio may be adjusted to 7:3 in the future. With the continuous increase and change of user demand, the Chinese market will have a longer-term development

"we have launched the ESP (easy spare parts) front desk tool software, which allows customers to query technical parts and documents, facilitate the search of parts information and order original accessories; in the future, Changzhou's production base will also deeply read users' needs, and customize aerial work products suitable for special working conditions in China..." Chen Lixian introduced a series of measures and plans that Ou Lisheng has made in the Chinese market in recent years, It seems that all of them are expressing a fact to us, "euryson attaches great importance to the Chinese market and wants to be closer to the local market. It should not only understand the needs of users at the first time, but also respond at the first time, and provide users with better products and better personal services in the shortest time."

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