The most popular orthopedic equipment tray sealing

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The tray sealing machine for orthopedic equipment shall meet the parameter requirements

the surface contacted by the doctor and the sample shall be made of sticky soft rubber. The tray sealing machine is equipped with processing temperature and pressure alarm, password protected parameter setting protocol and RFID reading and writing function. The terminal interface of PLC can control time, temperature and pressure parameters. The device is researched and developed by Belco packaging systems (Monrovia, California, USA; www.)

the catalogue of part numbers used by orthopaedic equipment manufacturers benefits from the RFID reading and writing function of sealing and fixing settings and identification of the equipment. The device automatically loads program parameters through RFID chip. This technology eliminates the possibility of using unqualified parameters for packaging and sealing (sometimes called microcomputer) wood-based panel universal testing machine

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