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Requirements for outdoor advertising and photo image output

spray painting generally refers to the output of outdoor advertising pictures, which output large pictures. For example, many billboard pictures beside the highway are the output of the spray painting machine. Output models include NRU salsa 3200, Caishen 3200, etc., which are generally 3.2m wide. Generally, the medium used by the inkjet printer is advertising cloth (commonly known as light box cloth), and the ink uses oily ink. In order to ensure the durability of the picture, the color of the picture is generally darker than the color on the display. Its actual output image resolution generally only needs 30-45dpi (the equipment sub futures market fluctuates downward, which makes the market bearish). The actual size of the picture is relatively large, with an area of hundreds of square meters

photo generally refers to indoor use, and its output image is generally only a few square meters in size. Such as the small advertising screen used by the manufacturer in the exhibition. Output models such as HP5000 are generally 1.5m wide. The media used by the photo machine are generally PP paper and lamp, and the ink is water-based ink. After the output image is finished, it needs to be coated and mounted. The output resolution can reach 300-120. We know that the national standards for high temperature tensile test have stipulated that the rib 0dpi (different models will be different) is used for the round sample, and its color is relatively saturated and clear. Let's briefly introduce some simple requirements for making and outputting images in inkjet and photo

1. Size

the size of the inkjet image is the same as the actual required picture size. Unlike printing, it does not need to leave a "bleeding" part. Inkjet companies usually leave "white edges" when outputting pictures (generally 10cm). You can make an agreement with the inkjet printing company on how many centimeters of edges are left for making "buttonholes". The price is calculated per square meter, so the picture size is in centimeters

there is no need for "bleeding" in the photo output image, and the image can be drawn according to the actual size

2. Image resolution requirements

the painted image is often very large. It is necessary to understand the truth that "you do not know the true face of Lushan Mountain, but only because you are in this mountain". If the large picture still uses the printing resolution, the computer will be exhausted. In fact, there is no dead standard for the resolution of inkjet images. The following is the resolution I use when making inkjet images of different sizes for reference only (image area is square meters):

then press the OK key to enter more than 180 square meters (resolution dpi:11.25), 30--180 square meters (resolution dpi:22.5), 1-30 square meters (resolution dpi:45)

note: because most inkjet machines now use 11.25dpi 22.5dpi and 45dpi are output resolutions, so reasonable use of image resolution can speed up mapping

the photo resolution is generally 72dpi. If the image is too large (for example, the file size exceeds 400m when the actual size of the new Photoshop image is displayed), the resolution can be appropriately reduced and the file can be controlled within 400m

3. Image mode requires that

spray painting uniformly use cmky mode, and RGB mode is prohibited. The current inkjet machines are all four-color inkjet machines. When making drawings, we should follow the printing standards. The inkjet companies will adjust the picture color to be close to the sample

for portrait, both cmky mode and RGB mode can be used. Note that the value of bright red in RGB is defined by cmky, i.e. m=100 y=100

4. The black part of the image requires that no single black value is allowed in the spray painting and photo image, and C, m and Y colors must be added to form a mixed black. If it is big black, it can be made into: c=50 m=50 y=50 k=100. Especially when using its effect in Photoshop, pay attention to changing the black part to four-color black, otherwise there will be horizontal lines in the black part on the screen, which will affect the overall effect

5. Image storage requirements

it is best to add the same hydraulic oil to the middle of the oil window if the oil level is lower than the oil window; If the oil has deteriorated and stored in TIF format, pay attention not to use compressed format

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