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Competing for the "Oscar" of China's industrial products -- written on the occasion of the establishment of the "China Product Innovation Design Award"

"In today's world, all countries and regions with strong design competitiveness have set up industrial design awards from governments or national design organizations, such as the 'Design Committee award' in Britain, the 'GD award' in Japan, the 'Idea Award' in the United States, the 'if award' in Germany, the 'three-year Presidential Award' in Italy, the 'DG award' in Denmark, the 'National Quality Award' in Taiwan, and the 'governor's design award' in Hong Kong (now it is changed to 'design award of the chamber of Commerce and industry') and so on... I believe that when Chinese enterprises can generally regard the competition for the annual national excellent design award as a major event in the enterprise development work, that is, when Chinese products form a strong competitiveness in the global market. " Tonghuiming, President of the design branch of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts, made a proposal to the government to develop China's industrial design

I Made in China is facing the embarrassment of innovation. China has become a big country in industrial production, but it is not a strong country in industrial production. China has produced the largest number of televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, DVD players and microwave ovens in the world, as well as bicycles and water heaters. However, there are few goods with Chinese own brands on the international market. Although there may be a sign of "make in China". In an article titled embarrassment of "made in China" in Yangcheng Evening News · weekly, it is said that "magicchef, a famous refrigerator brand of Wal Mart", the world's largest retailer, is actually designed and produced by China Guangdong Kelon Electric Appliance Company. What can be explained is only a broad "made in China", It is not the famous trademark of Kelon Electric Appliance in China. The shoes of Qingdao Shuangxing group are sold in more than 100 countries such as the United States and Japan. From January to September 1999, the export volume reached US $27.71 million, but most of them were labeled by others. In the United States, which has the largest sales volume, it reached 17million pairs in 1995 alone, which is equivalent to one person in every 15 Americans is wearing double star shoes. Even so, in the eyes of Americans, double star is just a "core factory" of PSS, the largest shoe dealer in the United States. The world's largest cashmere sweater production base is in China. The cashmere sweaters produced by Ordos company and Luwang group can compare with many world famous cashmere sweaters in terms of quality and style

the annual cashmere sweater export volume of Luwang group is US $40.5 million, but almost every exported cashmere sweater bears the brand of British Dawson company, rather than the "Luwang" brand known to Chinese people. On july15,2001, Reference News published an article in the United States and the world report commenting on the decline of American manufacturing - the proportion of American manufacturing in GDP has dropped from 28.7% in 1960 to less than 17% today. In the future, developing countries such as China will have more opportunities to perform in manufacturing. However, we can't help but see that in the international market, most of China's products have become foreign goods through OEM processing. Even for our own brand exports, due to the problem of industrial design and process packaging, "pork is sold at the price of tofu" every year, China has lost more than 20billion US dollars in foreign exchange! The crude design has made the products made in China a synonym for low quality and low price. Over imitation and introduction have made Chinese enterprises lose their calmness and patience in cultivating the ability of product innovation and design. It is a very famous saying that China is going to become the "production workshop" of world products. However, compared with the profits made by the products with novel shapes and exquisite workmanship produced by multinational enterprises, this "production workshop" only creates 1~2% of its own profits!. Only through innovation can Chinese enterprises embark on the road of self-improvement. Only by paying attention to design can "made in China" enhance the explicit value of products

II In the marketing world, the origin dominates China's home appliance industry. The price war has puzzled and lamented European peers. The latest figures show that a 29 inch color TV has sold more than 1300 yuan

according to the data of a market research company in May this year, the average price of domestic 29 inch color TV sets is more than 2600 yuan, while that of foreign brands is more than 5200 yuan. The same technical indicators, the same specifications and sizes, but have different prices. The price of domestic DVDs is generally more than 1000 yuan, while the lowest price of DVDs with foreign labels is more than 2000 yuan. In order to promote sales, the manufacturer offered 2800 yuan of air conditioners and 2800 yuan of watches; In order to promote sales, businesses do not hesitate to bring the suspicion of "quasi porn" and perform "underwear show". Strange tricks are emerging one after another, but it can not hide that all the skills have been exhausted. Nokia, Motorola, Sony and Electrolux are making profits with various new products with exquisite design. The 8850, which is not excellent in performance but beautiful in shape, is priced at more than 5000 yuan; The 38 inch flat screen Sony TV is selling very well; The V998 pendulum of "Motorola city" in the Shanghai shopping mall is placed in the beautifully decorated glass cabinet through the new non-metallic material industry alliance, which is not like a communication device, but more like a fashion product; The self selected refrigerator makes Electrolux enter the top three in refrigerator sales... Price, service and even design. Among the four elements of product, price, distribution and promotion in the traditional 4P marketing theory, product is the origin and the basis of marketing. Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Association After analyzing the case of "scope effect" of promoting industrial development, Beijing technological innovation and Productivity Promotion Center pointed out that: "In the high-tech industry, science and technology is the first competition, while the industrial design of products is the second competition. After mastering the technology, there will be fierce competition for design and brand with deep market color.

in today's era of rapid development of science and technology, the time interval between the two competitions is getting shorter and shorter. Many large international enterprises develop technology and industrial design in parallel under the long-term market strategy, and are pushing By the time the product comes out, it has become a mature product in the market in terms of application form and product appearance. China's high-tech should learn and master this systematic method as soon as possible, and truly face the international challenges with high-tech and high design. " (Wang Ying: summary of Beijing '9 · 5' industrial design demonstration project). Apple has come out of the impasse by relying on the epoch-making innovative design of IMAC. Haier's "little prodigy" washing machine is highly favored by small urban families. Lenovo's "tianqin", "tianlibra", "Wentian", "Tianhe", "Tianxi" and a series of home computers with distinctive national brand design style not only leave domestic peers far behind, but also make international brands feel heavy pressure. Competition starts from the starting line, and the success of marketing first lies in the breakthrough at the origin

III When talking about product innovation, panyunhe, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of Zhejiang University, said that there are two types of innovation. The first type is the change in principle, such as the innovation from scratch, which changes in principle, such as scientific and technological inventions

the second type of innovation is to improve on the basis of the first type. This type of improvement is more in line with the user's behavior habits and personality needs, and innovative design belongs to it. In other words, what we often call product personalization is more reflected in the second type of innovation. What consumers directly enjoy is not the principle of science and technology, but the product from science and technology to art. Different design styles represent different values, that is, personalized products. A fashionable dress with superior design and exquisite workmanship can be sold at sky high prices, while a dress with exquisite materials and no personality can only earn a small gross profit. Zhang Ruimin, CEO of Haier, once said that Haier does not fight a price war, but a value war if it wants to fight. As a leader in the home appliance industry, Haier has long cooperated with international design agencies to design its own consumer products, and then established its own haigao design company in cooperation with Japanese GK company. In just a few years, Haier has successively launched the small and exquisite Haier "little prodigy" washing machine, Haier "Marshal Jin" facing the Internet era, and the red, yellow and blue "Megamart" TV with full personality. It pays attention to design, It benefits a lot from paying attention to product innovation. Inspired by the success of apple computer, Konka TV's "colorful little painting Fairy" with its colorful colors and avant-garde shapes, the profit of a 14 inch color TV exceeded 21 inches. TCL's "changeable star" TV with replaceable panel is similar to the design of Winamp's replaceable skin, a popular music playing software in the world. Skyworth's "Fengyun" and "Jiayin" TV have also won points in modeling

in the 20 years since industrial design was introduced into China, although it was a toddler, aspiring manufacturing enterprises could not ignore it. Midea Group, which has been making great strides in the field of small household appliances, its independent accounting Midea industrial design company not only provides industrial design services for the group's products, but also receives external orders. Its annual sales have exceeded 8million yuan. Midea's latest dinosaur egg rice cooker is the first cooker with integrated structure in China, and its shape is very simple; The wavy movable handle, the new drawer type water storage box, the new environmental protection steam valve, the heat-resistant plastic as the outer pot material and the new magnetic steel temperature limiter make people wonder why Midea's small household appliances can lead the industry. It is reported that Haier and Midea have ranked first and second respectively in China's household appliance industry. All this proves once again. The manufacturers who pay the most attention to design and product competitiveness will reap the richest returns in the market. Another point of Hitachi Japan is not to blindly seek to change the 0.5 degree precision of the experimental machine. Now the standard configuration data of the domestic experimental machine is generally 1.0 degree and 0.5 degree, which is very convincing. For every 100billion yen of sales revenue increased by the company, the role of industrial design accounts for 51%, while the role of equipment transformation only accounts for 12%. Therefore, the government has moved from large-scale equipment to vigorously promote product innovation and sustainable operation

IV However, we cannot face up to the dilemma of China's industrial product innovation design. For a long time, China has not had a national authoritative award to encourage product innovation and industrial design, nor a large-scale exchange activity involving both government agencies, academic institutions and the business community. There has not been a national exhibition of industrial products with the theme of product innovation and design. Innovative design is so important that governments all over the world have become the protagonists in promoting design. In addition to setting up various forums on innovative design, national authoritative awards have also been set up to stimulate design innovation. "In today's world, all countries and regions with strong design competitiveness have set up industrial design awards from governments or national design organizations, such as the 'Design Committee award' in Britain, the 'GD award' in Japan, the 'Idea Award' in the United States, the 'if award' in Germany, the 'three-year Presidential Award' in Italy, the 'DG award' in Denmark, the 'National Quality Award' in Taiwan, and the 'governor's design award' in Hong Kong (now it is changed to 'design award of the Federation of industry and Commerce') (tonghuiming: the government should promote the development of design

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