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2018 Shanghai Industrial Expo: eurui transmission exhibits knew that from September 19 to 23, 2018, the annual industrial automation industry exhibition will be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). As a professional manufacturer of industrial automation electrical products, Ourui transmission will continue to participate in the exhibition in the form of special decoration at booth F008 in hall 6.1. At the same time, it will display the company's full range of industrial automation control, motion control, electrical transmission and new energy products and industry solutions

in the industrial automation section, the ec100/200 full series PLC, EK series touch screen, ED200 Series text screen and other automatic control products will be physically displayed. At the same time, the company also has upper computer software, bus control card and other automation products, which can perfectly realize various control instructions and support a variety of communication specifications

eac200 series motion controller, as a new product promoted by the company this year, is mainly aimed at the middle and high end. What else can be done to improve the health problem? Although there is automation control field, it is a high-performance multi axis motion control platform supporting EtherCAT, and can provide an integrated solution of programmable control and human-computer interaction. At the exhibition site, we will demonstrate the dynamic demonstration scheme of drawing cam curve by using the electronic cam control function and connecting the motion controller with sd20-e series servo driver and SMSA series servo motor

motion control and electric drive are the product areas that eurui has always focused on. In addition to the company's existing frequency converters and servo products, the fair will also show the newly launched E600 series smart frequency converters with superior cost performance and e2200 series frequency converters with built-in CANopen bus; Sd20-e servo driver with built-in CANopen bus will also be introduced

in the field of new energy, the evd10 series electric vehicle motor controller launched by the company has 5g seismic grade and up to IP67 environmental protection grade, which can meet the needs of various electric vehicles in the market, including sightseeing vehicles, low-speed electric vehicles, small logistics vehicles, electric forklifts, pure electric passenger vehicles, pure electric buses and so on

at the exhibition site, we will also show industry solutions and product dynamic demonstration solutions for a number of frequency converters and servo products. Of course, caffeimei, which we provide free of charge at the exhibition site every year, can complete experiments on the ring stiffness, ring flexibility, flattening, weld stretching and other aspects of pipe 16 concrete expansion agent. It will be more abundant this year

in September, 2018, let's continue to see each other

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