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Oring launched high-density port fiber bypass function full Gigabit series Ethernet switches

following the successful launch of high-performance, low-cost des-3082gp-aio based on highway applications_ After the s Industrial Ethernet switch, oring once again launched a full Gigabit Ethernet switch dgs-9812gp-aio with high-density ports and fiber bypass functions_ S. The product supports three types of redundancy functions, including ring redundancy, dual power input and optical fiber bypass function. It is extremely regularly coated with a thin layer of MoS2 (2 molybdenum sulfide) smooth grease; Dadi promotes the stability and security of the network, which is the best choice for industrial applications

DGS-9812GP-AIO_ S optical fiber bypass switch supports 8x 10/100/1000 Base-T (x) port, 12x100/1000base-x-ray port, SFP slot, and 9.6K mega frame, which can meet the transmission of a large amount of data such as HD video. In addition, the optical fiber bypass function supports that when the equipment power supply fails, the upper and lower optical fibers of the failed equipment will be automatically connected, skipping the failed equipment, ensuring the normal communication of other networks, so as to realize the uninterrupted transmission of data

the product supports a variety of network redundancy protocols, such as O-ring (self-healing time 30ms, more than 250 nodes), open ring and mstp/rstp/stp (IEEE 802.1s/w/d) can prevent data loss caused by network interruption or equipment failure. At the same time, the equipment complies with IEEE 1588v2 2. The influence of resin selection on the mechanical properties of products PTP (precise time protocol), and meets the requirements of accurate timing of equipment; At the same time, it complies with the Ethernet energy-saving specification IEEE 802.3az, and adjusts the power output by automatically monitoring the network load to reduce the power consumption of the equipment in low traffic periods

DGS-9812GP-AIO_ S and des-3082gp-aio_ S has excellent network management function. Open vision with embedded Google Maps_ V3.6 network management software, users can manage, control and remotely monitor all Ethernet switches through the visual interface. When a fault occurs, the alarm will be triggered immediately, and the administrator can view the fault information by remotely accessing the field data

about oring:

Weili industrial network (or2, range suitable for the tested object: ing) is an enterprise focusing on industrial network communication products and solutions. Headquartered in Taipei, it has subsidiaries and offices all over the world. Oring leads the market with its excellent R & D and design capabilities and forward-looking products, and has significant application advantages in rail transit, intelligent transportation, intelligent electricity, petroleum, metallurgy and other special industries with harsh environment

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