Zhanchen economic waterborne electrostatic varnish

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Zhanchen economical waterborne electrostatic cleaning primer zw41909 is matched with economical waterborne electrostatic X-ray Matt cleaning finish zw5192x, which is mainly used for electrostatic spraying bamboo and wood furniture, handicrafts and panel furniture. Once the product is launched, it is very popular

with the increasing requirements of domestic environmental protection and the continuous upgrading of consumption, the traditional coating products and processes need to be upgraded

while the current economic situation is complex and severe,

small and medium-sized furniture factories are also facing considerable pressure in the process of "oil to water"

in order to help our customers

upgrade the green coating economically and quickly,

zhanchen R & D team

after continuous product optimization,

launched a series of economic water-based electrostatic varnish products

▲ exhibition of coating effect of bamboo and wood furniture

this series of products have the characteristics of

good electrostatic wrapping and dryness,

the coating effect is equivalent to that of ordinary water-based electrostatic varnish, but the cost performance is greatly improved

economical water-based electrostatic cleaning primer zw41909 is matched with

economical water-based electrostatic cleaning topcoat zw5192x,

is mainly used for

electrostatic spraying bamboo and wood furniture,

handicrafts and panel furniture, etc.

products are popular once launched

economical waterborne electrostatic varnish

three product highlights

workability: good electrostatic wrapping, electrostatic spraying 3-4h non stick disc

dryness: fast drying speed, anti stickiness

Aesthetics: good transparency and leveling

construction process

suitable for open/semi open coating, The steps are as follows:

material sanding (bamboo and wood/mdf veneer board, etc.) → water-based electrostatic bottom cleaning (open spraying once/half open spraying twice) → hanging wire to be dried for 2h) → sanding → water-based electrostatic surface cleaning → hanging wire to be dried for 4H → offline

construction precautions

1. Safety first, strictly implement the operating procedures. It is strictly forbidden to approach or touch equipment, paint buckets, etc. during construction. The operator shall ensure that both the guarantor and the equipment are grounded and discharged before cleaning and other work

2. Construction ambient temperature: the construction ambient temperature is generally controlled at 10 ℃ -35 ℃. Construction at too low temperature may cause poor drying or non drying of products, and too high ambient temperature is easy to produce bubbles

3. Construction environmental humidity: the construction environmental humidity is generally controlled at 20% - 80%, and the humidity of 50-60% is the best. High ambient humidity (> 85%) may cause equipment high-voltage overcurrent alarm, with leakage risk

4. In case of high-temperature baking and drying, the general baking temperature is 30-50 ℃, and the drying time is 2H-4H

5. Please pay attention to sealing and storage of paint products that have not been used up after opening the can

▲ appreciation of painting samples of bamboo and wood crafts




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