Hydropower renovation and decoration manual

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Water and electricity renovation manual

waterway Renovation:

preparations: 1. Go through the decoration procedures at the Property Office (that is, before the decoration, you must select the decoration company, and don't be careless)

2. Ask the property to coordinate the upstairs residents who haven't been decorated, and do a water avoidance experiment upstairs (to prevent water seepage upstairs, crisis downstairs, and early maintenance if problems are found)

3 First, you or your designer should have an overall design plan for the layout, brand and location of the kitchen and bathroom

4. Fix the cabinet. On the day of construction, invite a chef in the cabinet or ask the designer to fix the vegetable basin and the required water outlet

5. It is up to the owner to make a choice between using electric water heater or burning hot water. Electric water heaters need to be made and sized

6. Determine the height of the sprinkler. The specification and size of the column basin need to be determined, and the owner who has the requirements of the bathtub or the overall bathroom needs to set the specification and size before the water change and provide it to the water change master. You'd better prepare oneortwo more water outlets

the main reason for water improvement: open pipes are replaced by concealed pipes. In order to save space, a personalized water environment is created according to the population and water habits of each family

problems needing attention in water improvement: distinguish between hot water on the left and cold water on the right, conduct pressure test after construction, sign quality assurance card, and issue waterway reconstruction drawings

it needs to be reminded that in some communities, the reinforcement of the bearing wall is more and thicker, so the reinforcement cannot be cut off (affecting the quality of the room), and can only be opened shallowly (when tiling, it needs to thicken the cement) or go through the exposed pipe, or go around other walls. If the owner wants to paint waterproof at the place of the groove, he needs to explain in advance when making an appointment. In fact, our operation process specification, there will be no joints at the place of the groove, That is, there will be no chance of leakage, but whether to brush waterproof or not is up to the owner to choose

if the owner wants to change the water supply, he may consider adding some things in the later stage. If water is needed, we will reserve 1 or 2 more outlets according to your requirements. When you need to use it, install the faucet

remember to plan the overall layout before construction, so as to avoid mistakes in communication with construction personnel. Our construction is generally in accordance with the conventional construction, so there are special requirements that need to be explained to the construction personnel in advance

power change part:

items needing attention: Master Bedroom:

1 Main light (double control at the head of the bed can be considered),

2 Cable TV (whether the location is appropriate and equipped with sockets),

3 Internet phone (usually placed on the bedside table with socket),

4 Add a socket behind the two bedside tables (in order to be more humanized, you can add a socket above the bedside table, so that it will not be blocked, and it is more convenient to use. In addition, it is more suitable to use a groundless socket at the bedside),

5 Whether the position of the air conditioning socket is appropriate,

6 Lights can be added where there is an aisle,

7 A light can be added to the wardrobe with poor light,

8 Two motorized sockets are placed on the open and unobstructed wall for occasional electrical appliances, such as vacuum cleaners and electric irons


1 Yuba or exhaust fan

2 Mirror lamp, mirror lamp switch, mirror side socket

3 Main light

4 Water heater socket

5 Washing machine socket

6 Dry hand gas socket

7 Background music, background music volume switch

8 Electric heater socket

9 Socket of solar water heater

10 Telephone, usually behind the toilet


1 There are more than 2 related power supplies for the Internet phone behind the desk. It is recommended to put a socket on the inconspicuous desk

2 Cable TV can choose whether to

3 Put a power socket in the corner of the sofa, and you can plug in the floor lamp

4 Air conditioning socket

5 Main light

6 The Internet telephone center can be placed in the study and equipped with a power socket

7 1 to 2 power sockets

8 Background music can be selected, audio and video sharing can be selected

living room

1 Cable TV can be considered (LCD TV, plasma TV, projector), and three related power supplies

2 The Internet phone is usually placed in the middle corner of the sofa near the hall, and the relevant power supply is

3 Home theater surround speaker (two corners of sofa)

4 There is a socket in the back two corners of the sofa

5. For convenience, you can add a socket every two meters

6. Four power sockets

7 Whether the air conditioning socket is suitable, cabinet machine or wall mounted machine, corresponding socket, air conditioning hole

8 Hall light, effect light


1 Meal lamp

2 Hot pot socket

3 Dining cabinet socket

4 Background music

5 Cable TV

6 Phone

7 One power socket


1 Range hood socket

2 Kitchen treasure socket,

3 Rice cookers, microwave ovens, Juicers, refrigerators, electric ovens, dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, gas water heaters, induction cookers and other sockets

4 Cable TV, background music, telephone


can add sockets, background music, Internet phone

many friends will feel that the original developers have reserved enough for use in the decoration, but they may not expect whether its location is reasonable, and whether it is appropriate to buy home appliances in the future. What's more, there may be a whole wall without a socket. Think about it, is it better to reserve the socket in advance or to pull the wiring board when connecting to the home appliance? When decorating a new house, please consider generic cabling in advance. Because it can not only save costs for you, but also bring you convenience and enjoyment in your future life





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