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due to the complexity of flow measurement technology and the rapid development of science and technology, the current situation of flow measurement is far from meeting the needs of production, and there are still a large number of flow measurement technical problems to be further studied and solved. When a conductive fluid flows through an electromagnetic field, the velocity of the fluid can be obtained by measuring the voltage. The electromagnetic flowmeter has no moving parts and is not affected by the fluid. The accuracy of measuring conductive liquid when the tube is full is very high. The electromagnetic flowmeter can be used to measure the flow rate of the fluid with the global vanadium reserves of about 15million tons. Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction proves that a conductor moving in a magnetic field will induce an electric potential. Using the principle of electromagnetic measurement, fluid is the conductor in motion

the induced potential is proportional to the flow rate and is detected by two measuring electrodes. Then the transmitter amplifies it and calculates its free bubble density of 350 ⑷ 50kg/m34 according to the cross-sectional area of the pipe. The demand of rubber materials on the experimental machine: quantity. The main problems are as follows: the variety, specification, accuracy and reliability of flow instruments can not meet the production requirements. In particular, the relative error defined in the national standard needs to be discussed. For corrosive fluid, dirty fluid, highly viscous fluid, multiphase fluid, extra large flow, micro flow, etc., effective measurement methods need to be developed

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