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Electromechanical products accounted for 80% of the turnover of the first three days of the Canton Fair

April 21 - the Canton Fair under the financial crisis has attracted much attention. Although the export situation is not very optimistic, the performance of the electromechanical Museum at the Canton Fair is the best

as of April 17, the transaction volume of the electromechanical Museum at the Canton Fair reached US $4.72 billion, although it decreased compared with the same period of the previous session, it still accounted for 88.4% of the total transaction volume of the conference in the same period, which was roughly the same as the trend of China's electromechanical exports in the first quarter. It is reported that home appliances and consumer electronic products at the Canton Fair are still the main trading force of the electromechanical Museum

according to Zhou Changyi, director of the raw material industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, household appliances are difficult to form a large-scale utilization, and consumer electronics transactions account for 51.9%. Machinery and equipment accounted for 7.8% of transactions; When the load can no longer rise, Kristiansen said in the statement: "Our mission is to inspire and cultivate tomorrow's architects. The proportion of appliances accounts for 7.9%, and the proportion of auto parts accounts for 4.2%. Despite the impact of the financial crisis, it also provides a rare opportunity for Chinese Electromechanical brands that are in the second and third tier in the world. The head of overseas sales of Hisense Group told the media that under the economic downturn, consumers tend to be more rational, and Chinese household appliances gradually replace Japanese and Korean first-line brands in the European and American markets with price advantages At present, Hisense's orders have increased rather than decreased

it is understood that the turnover of electromechanical products in the Canton Fair decreased compared with the same period of the previous session. In addition to the poor economic environment, the transaction price also fell, and the recent price fluctuations of some materials were large. In addition, the unstable exchange rate, more inquiries and less orders also affected. According to the survey questionnaire of the chamber of Commerce for machinery and electronics, about 90% of the orders signed by enterprises during the Canton Fair came from old customers, and only 10% were new customers, which was significantly lower than that of previous years. Enterprises reported that the number of European and American merchants attending the meeting decreased, and the proportion of merchants from some emerging markets such as East Asia, Africa and Latin America increased. However, the European Union, the Middle East and the United States markets are still the main participants

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