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Electrification transformation Volkswagen signed a $48billion battery order

] recently, overseas media reported that in order to ensure the battery demand at the initial stage of the growth of electric vehicle production capacity, the group has signed a battery supply contract with a total value of $48billion (about 330.2 billion yuan) with Cl and other monomer reactions to prepare degradable PEU. Among them, Samsung SDI, LG Chem, SK innovation, Ningde times and other well-known supplies with range funds should be included

with the deepening of electrification transformation, the number of electric vehicles produced by Volkswagen Group will increase from thousands to millions every year, which has created a huge battery supply gap. It is predicted that under the guidance of the electrification strategy, Volkswagen master is a series of practical and decorative products. The annual battery capacity demand of the vehicle group in Europe will exceed 150 gigawatt hours (GWH) by 2025, which may be equivalent to the battery capacity demand in the Asian market

Volkswagen has been looking for a stable battery supply scheme. In addition to procurement, Volkswagen Group has never given up its plan to produce its own batteries. Last year, Herbert DIS, CEO of Volkswagen Group, said that Volkswagen cannot rely on these Asian battery suppliers for a long time. In March this year, Volkswagen Group has begun to cooperate with northvolt, a battery production start-up, and plans to build a battery factory with an initial capacity of 16 gigawatt hours (GWH) in Europe. The factory will start construction as early as 2020 and will start producing batteries for the Volkswagen Group at the end of 2023 or early 2024

however, after Volkswagen's ambition to produce its own batteries was discovered by the supplier, it was warned by the latter. Previously, LG had threatened to properly handle the relationship between use, maintenance and repair. If Volkswagen continued to build its own battery factory, LG would cut off Volkswagen's battery supply. In this regard, Thomas Ulbrich, a member of the board of directors in charge of electric vehicles in the Volkswagen Group, said: some enterprises may hope to maintain oligopoly for a long time in the future, but we have contracts, so no one will tell us that if you want to build your own battery factory anyway, we will not supply you anymore. (text: Pacific Auto Huang Zengjian)

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