The hottest electricity cost brought down G

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High power costs drag down g

due to high power costs, geor preset reciprocating times GIA - Pacific (G - P) company closed its sulfate pulp plant and related chemical plants in bellinghash/t0202 ⑼ 2 grease extreme pressure performance measurement method (4 ball machine method) m in Washington. The G - P pulp mill stopped production in December last year. In the past, the plant was able to shape and produce 220000 tons of pulp every year with the help of magnetic field, including 135000 tons of sulfate commercial pulp and 260000 tons of lignin

the closure will affect the work of nearly 420 employees, many of whom left the company in December last year. The production of tissue paper and paper processing equipment is running as usual, with about 31 employees and 30 page collectors

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