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Mechatronics - packaging machinery (Part 2)

greatly simplifies the mechanical structure

the control system is the starting organ of the machine. The traditional packaging machinery control system mostly uses relays and contactors to control circuits, and its complexity increases with the increase of actuators and adjustment parts, making the machine more and more complex, which brings inconvenience to manufacturing, adjustment, use and maintenance. In electromechanical integration, the cumbersome electrical control cabinet and driving device can be replaced by microcomputer, sensor technology and new transmission technology, which greatly reduces the number of parts, greatly simplifies the structure and reduces the volume

product quality improvement

there is a huge storage system in the microcomputer. People can store the parameters and relevant data that affect the work of the packaging machine in advance into the microcomputer, which can automatically track the production process. When one parameter or several parameters change, this change will be instantly fed back to the microcomputer, which will identify, judge and correct these changed parameters in time, so that the packaging machine can maintain the best working state at any time when formulating relevant policies. When the process parameters of traditional packaging machines change, their adjustment is mostly based on experience, which makes it difficult to find the best parameters; If several process parameters change at the same time, it is at a loss. For example, the sealing quality of the most common plastic bag sealing machine is related to packaging materials, heat sealing temperature and running speed. For example, Chen Weihong, general manager of "materials" full color plastic industry, said that if the (material and thickness) changes, the temperature and speed will also change, but the amount of change is difficult to grasp. If microcomputer control is adopted, the best parameters of sealing temperature and speed of various packaging materials are matched and input into microcomputer memory, and then necessary sensors are equipped to form an automatic tracking system. In this way, no matter which process parameters are changed, the best sealing quality can be guaranteed

the more parameters change, the more adjustment parts, the greater the advantages of electromechanical integration, which is unmatched by general control methods

increased functions and improved reliability

Mechatronics can not only maintain the functions of the original packaging machine, but also give many other functions. For example, the soft packaging machine for liquid drinks, with the joint cooperation of pneumatic, electrical and mechanical, can have the functions of box making, sterilization, filling, sealing, etc. but if the microcomputer is introduced into the control system, it can also store data such as production rate, product quantity, fault phenomenon, fault reason, etc. at the same time, these data can be processed accordingly according to the actual situation, and the results can be printed or displayed on the screen, which greatly facilitates the operation

Mechatronics will also give the packaging machine automatic monitoring, dynamic detection, alarm and other functions, as well as safety chain control, overload and out of control protection and other functions, so as to greatly improve the reliability of the packaging machine

the packaging machine designed with electromechanical integration technology has digital display and highly centralized display of various information, greatly reduces the operation buttons and handles, and has program control and other functions. The operating procedures are greatly reduced and the operators are easy to train

most conventional packaging machines are driven by asynchronous motors. In fact, most of them are in the light load working state in the working process, which wastes a lot of energy. Electromechanical integration technology, with variable-frequency motor instead of asynchronous motor, microcomputer automatically finds the best working point, and randomly adjusts the output power of variable-frequency motor, which can generally save 40% of energy. In addition, its reliability is improved, the product quality is guaranteed, and the benefit is also improved

Mechatronics is the development direction of packaging machinery. Although it has not been applied for a long time, it has shown great advantages. With the popularization and promotion of Mechatronics in packaging machinery, it will play a positive role in the development of China's packaging industry

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