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A brief history of the development of image plate making technology

with the advent of cotton glue wet plate photography and glass screen in the middle of the 19th century, image plate making technology gradually formed an image reproduction process pattern that can complete continuous adjustable image reproduction, which is composed of four main processes: photography, plate revision, plate printing and printing. In March of this century, the most commonly used surface roughness in China is the surface roughness corresponding to the tolerance grade. In the 1920s, the lithographic photographic plate making process was introduced and applied, and in the early 1970s, the electronic extension machine was introduced. Through the hard work of several generations, the electronic color separation plate making process with Chinese characteristics and perfect system was gradually established. It can be said that the image plate making process has roughly experienced three development stages after the founding of the people's Republic of China

the first stage of gelatin wet plate to gelatin dry plate process

in this process stage, the core is to improve the quality and speed of color reproduction, make full use of photographic means and reduce manual trimming, so that the plate making process has realized the transformation of three fold to two fold, supplemented by the masking process based on photographic correction

In the early 1960s, with the continuous deepening of the research on printing technology, the production and improvement of new equipment and new materials, image lithography formed a complete "direct hanging" process, and took mask correction as the main method, replacing the dominant position of manual correction for a long time because of the serious environmental pollution caused by this kind of plastic granulator equipment, and quickly popularized throughout the country. After 1972, China began to introduce electronic color separations from abroad. Due to the regional differences in electronic color separations and even distribution types, it adopted advanced photoelectric technology, electronic technology and computer technology, and replaced photographic masks with electronic masks, thus gradually forming an electronic color separations and plate making process with digitization, standardization and standardization as the core, The monopoly position of "direct color separation" process has been broken, and a new pattern of plate making has been formed, in which two processes are developed simultaneously.

three stages of electronic color separation plate making process

the development of science and technology, and the application of high and new technology have made the function of electronic color separation machine increasingly perfect. Because electronic color separation plate making can meet the technical process characteristics and artistic expectations of different originals, and has the characteristics of integrity, scientificity and systematicness, the "direct color separation" has been phased out "Technology. After entering the 1980s, electronic color separation and plate making have risen to become the main technical means of image plate making, and a standardized management system of color reproduction based on color reproduction theory and printability theory has been established, which has opened up broad prospects for the development of various new image plate making processes.

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