A brief comment on Turbocharged Engine

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Brief comment on turbocharged engine

with the adjustment of consumption tax, fuel tax and oil price, turbocharged engine has once again become the focus of many models. Especially those young people who love sports, their pursuit of power and control makes turbocharged models their favorite

the main function of turbocharging is to increase the air intake of the engine, so as to improve the power and torque of the engine and make the power output more powerful. The maximum power of a turbocharged engine can be increased by 40% or even higher than that without a supercharger. This means that the same engine can produce more power after supercharging

as for the turbocharging device, it is actually an air compressor, which uses compressed air to increase the intake of the engine and replace other materials with higher mass density. Generally speaking, turbocharging uses the inertial impulse of the exhaust gas discharged by the engine to drive the turbine in the turbine room, and the turbine drives the coaxial impeller, which presses the air sent by the air filter pipe to pressurize it into the cylinder. When the engine speed increases, the exhaust gas discharge speed and the turbine speed also increase synchronously, and the impeller compresses more air into the cylinder. With the increase of air pressure and density, more fuel can be burned, and the output power of the engine can be increased by correspondingly increasing the amount of fuel and adjusting the engine speed

take our most common 1.8T turbocharged engine for example. After supercharging, the power can reach the level of 2.4L engine, but the fuel consumption is not much higher than that of 1.8 engine. At the same time, it also has a good performance in fuel economy and reducing exhaust emissions. Today, let's take a look at several turbocharged engines commonly used in the market:

Volkswagen 1.8T

equipped models: FAW Volkswagen Sagitar, Shanghai Volkswagen Passat, Shanghai Volkswagen Lingyu, Shanghai Volkswagen touan, beetle, Audi A4

I believe you are no longer unfamiliar with this engine, and it is well-known because it first appeared in Bora and Passat. This engine is improved from EA113 series in-line four cylinder water-cooled engine launched by Volkswagen in 1993

although this engine is not very conspicuous in terms of power parameters, such an old cast iron engine has made indelible contributions to Volkswagen. From the earliest Passat, Bora and Audi A6 to today's Lingyu and Sagitar, this 1.8T engine has been working silently and hard

there are also some technically improved models in the Volkswagen 1.8T engine. The main difference is the difference in power adjustment. For example, Volgograd has developed a new thermal conductive composite material, FAW Volkswagen Sagitar and the imported Volkswagen Beetle 1.8T engine, with a maximum power of 110 kW and a maximum torque of 220 nm; The 1.8T engine on Audi A4 has a maximum power of 120 kW and a maximum torque of 225 nm

brilliance 1.8t

equipment models: zunchi, Junjie, kubao

brilliance's 1.8T turbocharged engine can be called China's first self-developed turbocharged engine. This 1.8T engine was built by brilliance automobile in conjunction with the world's authoritative internal combustion engine research and Development Organization - German FEV engine company for three years. This makes brilliance the first independent car enterprise to launch "t car"

brilliance 1.8T turbocharged engine adopts all aluminum high-performance compact structure, which has the characteristics of small volume, strong power, energy conservation, environmental protection, high reliability and so on. After the engine with the same displacement adopts turbocharging technology, the power can be increased by 30%-100%, and it has obvious advantages in environmental protection

the same turbocharged engine is equipped on brilliance's business cars, family cars and coupes, which shows its importance to brilliance's product planning. After mastering the core technology of important auto parts, I'm afraid that this is the problem that independent auto enterprises should seriously consider


equipment models: Roewe 750, Roewe 550, MG 7, Huatai shengdufei

SAIC's 1.8T four cylinder turbocharger is based on the rover K4 engine platform. At the same time, through a number of technical innovations and optimization of SAIC's Research Center in the UK, this engine has many technical indicators of a modern engine

this improvement is mainly reflected in: abandoning the traditional mechanical throttle structure and adopting the electronic throttle control system; Structural adjustment of supercritical combustion chamber; Ultra high pressure seamless process in cylinder; Multipoint fuel direct injection MFI technology; Aerospace aluminum cylinder structure; High pressure intercooling pressurization system, etc

before the merger of SAIC and NAC, Roewe and Mg had their own 1.8T engines respectively, and the engine technology was the research result of the original MG Rover, which can be clearly seen from the performance parameters of their respective engines. However, with the deepening of the integration of Shangnan, the products of its engine factory, in addition to the models of Roewe and Mg brands, SAIC's 1.8T engine is also sold to other manufacturers. Huatai Automobile, an independent brand SUV manufacturer, is the first beneficiary

Volkswagen 1.8TSI

equipped models: FAW Volkswagen maiteng and Shanghai Volkswagen Skoda Mingrui

Volkswagen 1.8TSI engine, as the replacement products of the old 1.8T engine, adopts FSI in cylinder direct injection technology in design, which greatly improves the torque and power of the engine, and also has a good performance in fuel economy. The maximum power output of 118 kW can produce a maximum torque of 250 nm at 1500 rpm, which shows its surging power output. At the same time, this 1.8TSI engine also won the title of the top ten engines of 2007

Volkswagen 1.8TSI engine adopts exhaust turbocharger. The principle is that the pump wheel is placed at the outlet of the exhaust pipe, and the pump wheel is connected with the turbine as a whole. As long as there is exhaust gas discharged, the pump wheel will drive the turbine to rotate through the rotor, so as to compress fresh air. So as soon as the engine starts, the turbocharger starts to work

at the same time, the turbocharger used in 1.8TSI engine is equipped with a mechanical pressure limiting valve and a by-pass electronic control valve. During full load operation, when the engine speed reaches about 1500 rpm, the boost pressure will quickly reach 1.6bar, so that the engine can get an amazing 250 nm torque at low rpm. Later, the turbine speed will be faster, but at this time, the mechanical pressure limiting valve will open and release a part of the pressure, so that the boost pressure has been maintained at about 1.6bar

Volkswagen 2.0tsi

equipped models: maiteng, Golf GTI, EOS, Audi A4L, Audi A6L

this 2.0tsi turbocharged gasoline direct injection engine is the first of the top ten engines in the world in 2005, which is rated by an authoritative magazine, representing the top level of automotive engine technology in the world today. The high power of 147kw and the maximum torque of 280 nm comprehensively exceed the mainstream 2.4-liter engine on the market at present. It is suitable to be equipped with medium and high-end commercial vehicles and sports cars. The newly launched Audi A4L also uses this engine. Audi series direct injection and supercharged engine is called TFSI for short, which is different from Volkswagen series

fsi is an innovative and revolutionary technology in the field of direct injection gasoline engine. It can inject fuel directly into the combustion chamber, reduce the heat loss of the engine, increase the output power and reduce the fuel consumption, which is helpful for fuel economy and power performance

in terms of design, the difference between FSI technology and other traditional engines with the continuous improvement of innovation ability in technology, research and development and product processing is that FSI engine is equipped with on-demand fuel supply, variable intake manifold and continuous adjustable device of intake and exhaust camshaft, and gasoline is directly injected into the combustion chamber. The geometric design of the fuel chamber and the function of accurately calculating the amount of gasoline injected at the millisecond level have greatly improved its compression ratio, which is also a necessary prerequisite for an efficient new engine. At the same time, the FSI engine adopts a continuously variable intake manifold, and the required air flow is controlled by the electronic system, which realizes throttling free metamorphism regulation, improves the inflation efficiency, so as to obtain higher lift power, and the dynamic response of the engine becomes more direct

Subaru 2.5t

equipment models: Forest man, wing leopard

Japan's Subaru automobile company is one of the world's well-known automobile manufacturers. The company has advanced and unique automobile production technology, especially the left-right symmetrical all-time four-wheel drive system (symmetricalawd) and horizontal opposed engine. It is unique among its peers in the world. Combined with advanced turbocharging technology, The power and control of the vehicle have been improved to a higher level. At the same time, Subaru 2.5-liter turbocharged horizontal opposed engine won the "2008 International 2.5-liter group best engine" award

Subaru horizontal opposed engine turbocharged engine

Subaru's award-winning engine has more abundant torque output in the low and medium speed region, and its overall performance and actual use effect are better; Through the improved design including turbocharger, the dynamic performance and handling response of the engine are enhanced, and the environmental performance is improved

Forester Forester 2.5xt and Impreza wing leopard models sold by Subaru in the Chinese market are equipped with this award-winning 2.5-liter turbocharged horizontal opposed engine

Volvo 2.5t

equipped models: S40, S80, xc90

volvo S80 2.5t and XC90 2.5t are equipped with 2.5L turbocharged engine, which has excellent performance such as advanced design, super endurance, flexible operation, high fuel efficiency and fast response. It is a powerful horizontal in-line 5-cylinder turbocharged engine with a displacement of 2.5 liters, a maximum power of 147kw, a maximum torque of 300nm, an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in only 8 seconds, and a maximum speed of 230 km/h in order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the production of the paper industry. Surging power provides Volvo models equipped with this engine with excellent performance that exceeds that of cars of the same level

s40 R-Design selects T5 in-line 5-cylinder engine. Although this engine is the same as S40 T5, it has been adjusted under the R-Design version, and the maximum power has been increased from 162 kW to 169 kW. At a low speed of 1500 rpm, the maximum torque of 320 nm can be burst, and this peak can continue to 4800 rpm

Saab turbocharged engine

equipped models: Saab all series models

Saab can be called the originator of turbocharged engine. Although it is not the first manufacturer to use turbocharged engine in cars, it is the best description that all its models are equipped with turbocharged engine

take Saab as an example, this 2.3t engine has 260 horsepower and more than 100 liter power, which is equivalent to the 3.5L naturally aspirated engine, but once its potential is brought into play, it can even compete with the 4.2-liter V8 sedan. Saab is regarded as a "turbine expert", and the reason can be found from this engine

turbocharging is a means to improve engine power and fuel economy. At the same time, the engine power output lags behind when the engine is at low speed or idle speed. Therefore, Saab Saab has developed a patent named "low turbocharging technology", which enables turbo to achieve high performance while minimizing its inherent disadvantages

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