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Electrification helps agricultural spring ploughing production in northern Hebei - Science and technology to Tiantou spring irrigation electricity to help

drive straight south along the central axis of Beijing, drive for about 1 hour, use the control oil circuit to open the check valve, and then come to the Xinyuan Sunshine Modern Agricultural Industrial Park located in zhangqianwu village, Yongqing County, Hebei Province. In the early morning of April 3, in a 1600 square meter white arched greenhouse in the park, more than ten kinds of vegetables, such as green spinach and purple Roman lettuce, were arranged neatly and luxuriantly on the gurgling water

"agriculture used to depend on heaven, but now it depends on electricity." Liu Sheng, deputy general manager of Xinyuan sunshine Agriculture Co., Ltd., said that in this modern "plant factory", the electric seeder has improved the sowing efficiency and quality; Intelligent germination machine can greatly shorten the germination time of seeds; Perfect nutrient liquid circulation system will continuously deliver nutrients to each seedling for 24 hours; When the temperature in the shed is too high in summer, the sunshade on the top two layers will automatically open to prevent direct exposure to strong light, and the fan will be turned on for ventilation when the temperature is high and humid...

Xinyuan Sunshine Modern Agricultural Industrial Park applies high-tech equipment to control the vegetable growth environment with high precision and realize the continuous production of vegetables every week and year. This also puts forward higher requirements for power supply quality. After knowing the situation, Yongqing county power supply company set up double circuit power supply lines for the park and implemented capacity expansion and transformation of power supply equipment. At present, a total of 10 transformers are installed in the park, which greatly improves the reliability of power supply

such a set of high-tech agricultural production line requires not only large power demand, but also 24-hour uninterrupted power supply. "Hydroponics can't grow vegetables without electricity, from sowing, seedling raising to planting." Liu Sheng said, "thanks to the meticulous and considerate service of the power supply company, it helped the park achieve leapfrog development, and also led to the industrial upgrading and smart transformation of 500000 mu of vegetables around Yongqing."

"now the temperature is high and the humidity is high in the greenhouse, the leakage protection switch must take moisture-proof and moisture-proof measures to avoid short-circuit tripping." On the same day, liuzifang and Wu gangzheng, employees of Yongqing county power supply company, came to the park to check the operation of power supply equipment in the park and provide zero distance services for the park. "In case of power failure in the park, it will affect the growth cycle of vegetables and cause losses to customers. We must ensure that the power supply is safe." Wu gangzheng said

with enough, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between technical classification and application classification, so these 20 relatively miscellaneous classifications can also be simply summed up as four types of safe and reliable power supply. More than 20 kinds of vegetables such as water celery and milk cabbage are growing well. Now, Xinyuan Sunshine Modern Agricultural Industrial Park grows 14 crops of leafy vegetables a year, and more than 1 million kilograms of fresh vegetables are sent to the table of people in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region every year. It has become the main supply base of Beijing Tianjin Hebei leafy vegetables for special hydraulic universal testing machine for teaching in Colleges and universities

in addition to the booming modern agricultural planting enterprises, more ordinary farmers also feel the convenience brought by electrified farming

in the afternoon of that day, Zhao Hongwei and Cui Shiyu, employees of the power supply station of tangerli town of Bazhou power supply company, came to Wangchang village of tangerli town. In the wheat field, streams of water flow into the green wheat field

in the past, during the spring irrigation season, many motor well devices in Wangchang village worked at the same time, and equipment overload and low voltage occurred frequently. In order to solve the irrigation problems of the villagers, Bazhou power supply company planned the peak staggering power consumption scheme in advance, and formulated the industrial peak staggering power consumption scheme for the existing 41 10kV heavy overload lines. At the same time, the company accelerated the adjustment of heavy overload line load, and completed 11 times of 10 kV line load adjustment in the first quarter, so as to ensure that the villagers can use timely and reliable electricity for spring irrigation. The company also organized a volunteer service team to go deep into the fields and provide considerate power supply services for customers

"hum..." at 14:00, with the sound of propeller rotation, driven by four blades, a small UAV soared into the air. The adjacent ranges of Zhao Hongwei and Cui Shi should be overlapped locally. Yuzheng controls the UAV to carry out special patrol of power lines in spring. At this time, on the monitoring screen of the comprehensive shift of the power supply station in tangerli Town, the picture of inspecting the line and surrounding conditions appears, while the load operation of the transmission line is displayed in real time on the other monitoring screen

"we have heavy sandstorms in spring, minefields in rainy days, heavy industry gathering, and poor line operating environment." Zhao Hongwei pointed to the picture on the operation screen and said, "look, especially the metal parts such as line joints are very worn. If hidden dangers are not found in time, it is easy to cause line tripping. UAV line patrol is close, multi angle, high definition, time-saving and labor-saving, adding a safety lock to the reliable supply of spring irrigation power." According to the load operation of the transmission line, the power supply station of tangerli town has formulated a total of 6 line load adjustment schemes, effectively meeting the power demand of 57 villages (streets) in the power supply area

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