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Control principle of computer-controlled unit gravure printing machine

the computer-controlled unit gravure printing machine is designed and manufactured according to the advanced gravure printing equipment and gravure printing process at home and abroad, and the printing width is 800mm and 1050mm respectively. This series of products have beautiful appearance and convenient operation, and are suitable for one-time continuous multi-color printing of all kinds of roll plastic film, paper, cellophane and other packaging materials; It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, wide printing range, rich and delicate printing layers. First, the ink has high gloss, strong coloring power, good color reproducibility, and high printing resistance; At present, it is an ideal model with excellent printing quality, moderate price and low cost. It is especially suitable for the anti-counterfeiting printing of packaging in the tobacco, alcohol and pharmaceutical industries with large printing volume

basic working principle

the whole machine is composed of unwinding device, unwinding traction unit, transmission system, printing unit, ink supply mechanism, drying device, winding device and tension control of the whole machine. The substrate is brought into the printing unit by the unwinding traction unit. The main drive composed of variable-frequency speed regulating motor, transmission shaft and connecting gear transmits its power to each printing unit. At the same time, each printing unit is equipped with an independent ink box device, which continuously provides a certain viscosity of ink to the surface of the plate roller. The fastening of the following parts should be often checked: and the ink is copied to the surface of the substrate through the ink scraping device. The main drive drives the plate roller of the unit to operate synchronously through each gear to complete the printing action. Then it is quickly dried by heating the drying oven and natural drying oven, and finally it is produced into printed matter through the winding device. The whole process is controlled and automatically adjusted by the industrial computer

performance characteristics

1. The roller core adopts air supported type

2. Rewinding and unwinding device: the automatic rewinding and unwinding device realizes the material receiving and refueling without stopping the machine, which greatly saves the time of replacing new paper rolls and improves the production efficiency of the machine

3. Tension control: the tension system adopts servo electric control, and the winding adopts variable frequency motor control

4. Transmission part: the main motor adopts variable frequency governor and is equipped with precision gears, which has high transmission accuracy, low noise and stable operation of the whole machine

5. Printing unit:

a pneumatic clutch pressure mechanism is used to accurately adjust the printing pressure: the pneumatic clutch of the printing roller has the function of protection and locking, and the pressure can be adjusted at will

b the angle of the doctor blade is three-dimensional adjustable. The doctor blade is equipped with an axial reciprocating mechanism to change the trajectory of the doctor blade on the printing plate, achieve better printing effect, make the doctor blade wear evenly, and extend the service life of the doctor blade

c printing wall plate is thickened high-density cast iron with good shock absorption performance, which lays the foundation for the high-speed operation of the machine

d in the printing section, the wrapping angle of the embossing rubber roller is reduced to prevent the material film from deforming during high-speed printing

6. The universal testing machine of the ink supply system is regularly coated with a thin layer of MoS2 (molybdenum sulfide) grease: the most advanced pneumatic diaphragm pump inking ink box device in China is adopted. The sunken part of the printing plate can absorb enough ink 1 year ago to ensure better image effect. The device forms an ink supply circulation system

. Because the ink is continuously stirred, the ink in the oil tank can be fully utilized and the effect is better

7. Drying system: in order to adapt to the characteristics of gravure printing of plastic film and the requirements of rapid drying of ink on plastic film, this machine is equipped with a heating drying oven and a cooling drying oven on each printing unit unit. It adopts a sealed high-efficiency hot air circulating drying system. The drying temperature is automatically controlled by the temperature controller, and the electric heating power is increased or decreased according to the needs of printing work, so as to implement energy-saving, safety and environmental protection work, Improve the working environment for operators

8. Automatic registration system: equipped with high-precision automatic registration control device, the machine will enter the automatic working state when starting, reducing the chance of scrap rate and effectively ensuring product quality

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