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Nh1200 small proportioning station control system

nh1200 series intelligent controller is a small intelligent controller specially developed for the aggregate proportioning system of stabilized soil proportioning station and small mixing station. It can automatically complete the cumulative proportioning control of up to four kinds of materials according to the formula. It is mainly applicable to various sock enterprises with belt feeding or gate valve feeding. It is used in the proportioning station with upper and lower specifications for the utilization of sock materials. Nh1200 series batching controller adopts nh-800e special small batching control instrument for batching station produced by Novartis with a total employment of more than 80000 people. The meter adopts small metal shell, high brightness luxury LCD display, all industrial SMD components, high-speed AD conversion circuit and multiple anti-interference measures. Therefore, nh-800e instrument not only has superior performance, but also is very suitable for various industrial sites

II. Functional features

1 It adopts high-performance industrial instruments, which can be suitable for various harsh field environments

2. Large screen Chinese character menu prompt, rich and intuitive display information, flexible and diverse display methods, convenient and fast keyboard operation

8. 100±10mm/min; 3. It can complete the cumulative batching of up to 4 materials and store multiple groups of formulas

4. With intelligent zero point measurement, blanking compensation, inching feeding 7 According to the process performance, the testing machine can be divided into cup process Spring. Bend Wire rod changes many functions such as experimental machine and fault alarm

5. A variety of cumulative functions are convenient for users to manage production

6. DC 24V operation power supply is adopted, and low-voltage remote control button box is optional, which is safe and convenient

7. One way unloading or two-way unloading can be selected, which can be flexibly applied to the on-site operation

8. The controller has IP55 protection grade, which is suitable for various harsh field environments

III. main technical parameters

1 Measuring accuracy of instrument: better than 0.1%

2 Effective instrument resolution: 1/(related to rated range and sensor range ratio, sensor sensitivity, zero point and other factors)

3 Allowable batching routes: less than 4 routes

4 Sensor excitation power supply: 5v/100ma

5 System power: belt feeding type NH type: control power is 4kw; NH type: the control power is 7.5kW; NH type: the control power is 11kw

note: the above power is the maximum power of a single machine. The gate valve feeding type nh1200v is the gate valve feeding type, which can control 4-way feeding valve and 1-way unloading valve

6. Power supply: 380V ± 10%

7 Working environment: -20 ℃ to +70 ℃ humidity 95% (no condensation)

8 Protection grade of controller: IP65

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