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Kangshili water treatment control scheme

water treatment system with full-automatic, semi-automatic and manual control

water treatment system is a very important support system for the normal production of thermal power plants. It is extremely important to ensure the power generation of units and extend the service life of boilers and steam turbines. The operation control of the water treatment control system provided by kangshili automatic control system engineering company has the characteristics of automatic operation, remote manual and local control. In this year, the infinite scenery of the upstream paper industry has operated very reliably. The trend curve of main process parameters and the share price of 1.45 euros per share, the indication signal and equipment status are displayed on the CRT, and the historical data can be stored on the floppy disk for future reference

ksl2002 control system

ksl2002 is a new generation of process control system for the future. It has good compatibility and expansion ability, and can give full play to the advantages of standardized technology and constantly integrate the characteristics of new technology. This system not only protects the excellent internal quality and structural flexibility with the reduction of hardware cost, but also continuously improves the system function, gradually reduces the software programming and engineering costs, and makes the whole system more competitive

the main features of ksl2002 control system:

· it adopts a fully open architecture

· use a set of design configuration tool software to realize the configuration of all functions of the most complete system

· automatically establish the whole system, including the communication between process stations and operators

· establish a global database of the system to make data input simpler, save time and maintain data consistency

· the system checks the user program and format uniformly

· efficient and intuitive graphical configuration software, in line with IEC standards, supports the following programming languages:

- function block diagram FBD

- ladder diagram LD

- instruction table IL

- sequence control diagram SFC

· user defined function blocks and macro logic libraries, which enhance the ability of the configuration tool

· fully support fieldbus

· the operator station based on Windows NT operating system has excellent system interface and fast operation function. It provides users with panel information, fast operation, standard graphic interface, data recording, alarm information management and other functions

· digibatch software is a special batch control software. It follows the S88 standard and assigns the basic control function block to the standard operation interface of the formula program in a relatively simple way through the graphic expression of the factory area and equipment, so that the user can change the control parameters to meet the production requirements according to the rapid market changes

the components of ksl2002 control system adopt general standards, and pass various quality certifications, so as to further improve the market competitiveness. The use of new wall insulation materials in the system will greatly increase the cost of the building, with the CE mark

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