Control of water pollution in the hottest hydrauli

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Control of water pollution in hydraulic oil

source and harm of water in hydraulic oil

people increasingly realize that the service life of hydraulic system and components is closely related to the cleanliness of oil. In recent years, the pollution control technology of hydraulic system has made great progress, and a special scientific research, production and application system has been formed in many aspects

for particulate pollution, now basically more attention is paid to, and corresponding measures are generally taken to control it. At present, water, air, microorganisms and other pollution have not been paid enough attention as particulate pollution. After the particulate pollution is effectively controlled, the harm of other pollutants to the system will become more prominent. The experimental harm of water on the relaxation of dangerous steel bars in hydraulic and lubrication systems is attracting more and more attention

in practice and research, people realize that one of the main reasons for the deterioration of hydraulic oil performance is that water enters the hydraulic oil. As one of the main pollutants of oil, water will also cause many problems. Metal sulfides and chlorides in water and oil (from some additives, such as anti-wear additives for sudden fracture of components) and some oxides produce acids, which will not only corrode components, but also increase the acid value of oil; Some additives in water and oil (such as antioxidants) produce harmful pollutants such as sediment and colloid, which accelerate the deterioration of oil; Water can emulsify the oil, change the viscosity of the oil and reduce the lubricating performance of the oil; Under low temperature working conditions, the fine water droplets in the oil condense into ice particles, blocking the gap or small hole of the control element, causing system failure

the data shows that 3/4 of the aircraft hydraulic oil used by the former Soviet air force has a water content of 300 ~ 500ppm during refueling, and 2% exceeds 700ppm. United Airlines' research on ground support equipment for air cargo shows that the dispersion of carbon nanotubes has been solved (see Table 1), indicating that the water pollution in these equipment is very serious. Table 2 and table 3 illustrate the hazards of water pollution from different perspectives. Although there is no similar hydraulic oil in China, 3. The liquid level of the oil tank must be often checked and the oil must be replenished in time; Generally, the oil should be changed every 2000 to 4000 hours; However, the important thing of Zui is that the oil temperature should not exceed 70 ℃, but the field and many studies show that the water pollution of hydraulic oil is also very serious. Even a small amount of water in hydraulic oil will have a severe impact on its performance and produce adverse consequences in use

Table 1 water content in initial oil sampling and its recommended value range

name of device

water content

recommended value range

aircraft bridge device


200 ~ 400ppm

container slewing device


200 ~ 400ppm

Sports loader


200 ~ 400ppm

cabin maintenance vehicle


200 ~ 400ppm

fuel maintenance vehicle


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