Control points for preventing falling objects from

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Control points for preventing falling from height and object strike

5 When working at heights, all materials should be stacked stably, and should not be placed near the edge or the hole, so as not to hinder the passage

6. Personnel working at heights must wear neat clothes. It is strictly forbidden to wear slippery shoes and high heels such as hard plastic soles. Tools should be customized for each experimental machine. We can put them into the tool bag at will according to the requirements of customers

7. The construction personnel shall go up and down from the specified channel, and shall not climb the scaffold or cross the balcony. When climbing in the non specified channel, they shall not interact with the packaging for the purpose of the experiment. 1

8. During high-altitude demolition operations, the dismantled materials and construction waste shall be cleaned and transported away in time. They shall not be randomly placed on the walkway or discarded downward, so as to keep the operation walkway unblocked


9 When working in the air, have a firm foothold and correctly fasten the safety belt; The site shall be equipped with protective railings, railings or other safety facilities according to the specific situation

10. In each construction site, any materials that may fall should be removed or fixed first. The demolition operation should be carried out under the condition of setting a restricted area and being supervised

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