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The first batch of adaptive robots in the world were mass produced in Nanhai, Foshan on November 17, flexiv was the first batch of 100 adaptive robots. If there is any, please eliminate it in time or notify our company The robot was successfully put into production in South China manufacturing center, and the adaptive robot officially entered the stage of mass production. At the same time, the launching ceremony of 100 adaptive robots in Feixi South China manufacturing center and the force control robot summit forum with the theme of "new dawn · Feixi intelligent manufacturing" were successfully held in Feixi factory of China (Guangdong) robot integrated innovation center

100 adaptive robots were put into production and offline

today, China (Guangdong) robot integration innovation center in Nanhai District, Foshan City attracted a highlight moment. The 100th robot in flexiv South China manufacturing center was put into production and offline here, marking the scale production of the world's first batch of adaptive robots in China

what is adaptive robot? "Traditional robots use trajectory control to meet their needs in a structured environment, while adaptive robots can well control the uncertainty brought by the external environment, just like the cooperation of eyes and hands." Gaoyunfan, brand director of Feixi technology, said that "rizon dawn", independently developed and produced by Feixi technology, is the world's first adaptive robot, which deeply integrates industrial force control, machine vision and AI technology, breaking through the limitation that traditional robots can only complete fixed tasks based on trajectory in a structured environment. Adaptive robots can adapt to uncertain working environments, Complete complex work tasks through hand eye cooperation like people, so as to greatly enhance the flexibility and productivity in the production process, and provide one-stop solutions for enterprise users in automotive, electronic 3C, general industry, medical treatment, logistics and other industries, such as plug-in assembly, surface operation, material processing and other application scenarios

"from the first adaptive robot prototype assembled in the U.S. laboratory a few years ago to today's 100th robot put into production in Foshan, Feixi has experienced countless technological breakthroughs. These achievements are inseparable from the strong support of Foshan governments at all levels and relevant departments to Feixi South China production base." In contrast, Dr. Wang Shiquan, CEO of Feixi technology, said that Feixi has achieved a high degree of self-development in the underlying sensors, servo systems, core mechanism components, safety master panels, robot operating systems, AI systems and other technologies at different levels, and has completed a high degree of localization of the supply chain. In 2020, Feixi has successfully reached business cooperation with leading enterprises in 3C electronics, automobile manufacturing and other fields, deployed and applied adaptive robots in precision assembly, polishing and other production links, effectively improved the yield and flexibility of the production line, and some applications have been replicated in batches

Foshan has invested 150million yuan a year to support robot enterprises

in recent years, Foshan has made every effort to build a national manufacturing innovation center facing the world, and Nanhai District, as the core innovation area of Foshan focusing on the advanced manufacturing industry of robots, has made gratifying achievements in introducing intelligent robot enterprises, encouraging the research and development, production and application of robot people, and promoting the development of the robot industry

Huang Feifei, deputy secretary of the Foshan Municipal People's government, said in his speech that the Foshan municipal government introduced a special support action plan for the robot industry in 2018, with an annual investment of about 150million yuan to support and reward the robot industry within its jurisdiction. "In Nanhai District, a national robot integrated innovation center with international influence has a considerable scale, and Feixi technology is the outstanding person introduced in the action of building a nest and attracting Phoenix in Foshan robot advanced manufacturing industry. Feixi team not only has international top technology and talents, but also has extraordinary courage and firm confidence to adhere to independent innovation, R & D, manufacturing and sales." Huang Feifei said that Foshan is willing to work with Feixi, an enterprise that adheres to innovation and technology leadership, to create a better Foshan and contribute to China's advanced manufacturing industry

in fact, as the only pilot city for comprehensive reform of manufacturing transformation and upgrading in China, more and more Foshan enterprises actively embrace new technologies such as robots, big data, IOT, cloud computing, and intelligent manufacturing is gradually becoming the mainstream of the transformation and upgrading of Foshan's manufacturing industry. It is understood that the robot application prospect in Foshan's traditional ceramics, home appliances, home furnishings, building materials and other industries is very broad

at present, there are more than 110 robot production enterprises developed in Foshan, and the output value of intelligent equipment and robots reached more than 260 billion in 2019. It is planned that by 2025, the output value of the intelligent and robot industries will exceed 300billion by improving the conversion rate of businesses. The China robot integrated innovation center in Nanhai District has gathered a large number of influential robot enterprises, including Huashu, Everton, Everton, and Harbin Institute of technology; Midea and country garden, two of the world's top 500 companies in Shunde, have continuously pushed the AI industry to new heights through the acquisition of KUKA and the construction of bozhilin robot Valley projects respectively

all media text: Gao Minhua correspondent: she Fengzhu

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