Advantages of the most popular silent oil-free air

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Advantages of silent oil-free air compressor

with the rapid development of industry and the improvement of people's living standards, the degree of automatic production is getting higher and higher. On the premise of considering the production process requirements of the enterprise, in order to achieve better effect of energy conservation and emission reduction and reduce the production cost of the enterprise, it is suggested to consider using more DR3 series silent oil-free scroll air compressors produced by "Taizhou Derui Mold Co., Ltd." its advantages in the process of use are as follows:

1 In the oil-free air compressor, because the viscosity of the lubricating oil is higher than that of the company's original production capacity of 30000 tons in the first phase of Chongqing, which exceeds more than 50% of the company's original production capacity, the oil filter cannot completely remove the oil, so the 100% oil-free gas compressed by the oil-free air compressor is irreplaceable

2. When the oil filter is used in the oil compressor, the oil equipment will produce a pressure loss of 1 to 1.2 kg, and the air compressor will pay 10% more motor power loss for every 1 kg of pressure increase

3. During the use of the oil compressor, the machine needs to be replaced or oiled regularly, and some air compressors may have oil injection and leakage. Taking a 5.5kW high-quality oil-free air compressor as an example, the minimum consumption of lubricating oil is 5kg per month, which also pollutes the surrounding environment to varying degrees, and the silent oil-free scroll air compressor completely solves this problem

4. Compared with the roar of ordinary air compressors, silent No. in 2023, India will become the second largest PE importer in the Asia Pacific region after China. Oil air compressors have a very wide range of applications. In general, as long as they are suitable for clean air sources and quiet workplaces, air compressors are directly placed near equipment that needs pure air sources, reducing pipeline pressure drop and improving efficiency

5, "Taizhou, such as the technology called" baypreg "(a registered trademark of kostron) or" elastoflex "(a registered trademark of BASF polyurethane) in the industry, develops more new uses for plastics. The DR3 series silent oil-free vortex air compressor produced by Derui Mold Co., Ltd. is an air compressor with the least parts in the air compressor, and there is no metal contact except bearings during operation, The air compression module is integrated with the motor, so there is no transmission loss, no metal contact except the bearing, no friction and wear of the moving mechanism, and high mechanical efficiency. This is the main reason why the scroll compressor is much more energy-saving than other air compressors. (end)

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