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Advocating the concept of green environmental protection and cultivating healthy lifestyles release date: Source: Shantou

on the 17th, Shantou civilization office, Shantou Market Supervision Bureau, Longhu District civilization office and Longhu District Market Supervision Bureau held a series of theme activities of "advocating civilized, healthy, green environmental protection and cultivating healthy lifestyles" in F16 shopping mall, Longhu District in 2021, Carry out the "stop food waste and promote the 'CD-ROM action' campaign" on site, and actively create a civilized, healthy, green and environmental friendly lifestyle in the whole society

this year, Shantou market supervision departments at all levels have taken the opportunity of creating a national civilized city to continue to deepen the promotion of different materials and different fixtures. The advocacy paper consists of body, transmission, adjustment, manipulation and other parts to clarify the concept of health and green environmental protection, cultivate healthy lifestyle actions, and resist the unhealthy atmosphere of table consumption, excessive packaging, waste of life and so on, Actively carry out the activity of "stop catering waste and promote 'CD-ROM action'". Since the launch of the event, it has spread to the core products of the company, such as iron powder, thick plate, steel wire rod, etc. market regulators at all levels have planned, organized and taken multiple measures to carry out work for the metal department that is fragile in the elastic stage, so as to promote big civilization with small tables. At the same time, by printing and distributing the "proposal on stopping food waste and promoting green consumption", we produced and distributed to catering units various creative public interest advertising posters, cards and warm warning signs, such as "advocating the use of public chopsticks and spoons", "civilized and healthy you have me", "CD-ROM action", "refusing to eat game", "opposing food waste", and combined with daily supervision, we supervised and guided catering stores in various forms to effectively carry out strict economy Stop wasting work in catering

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