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Chengguan District UAV aerial photography thoroughly inventory complex terrain garbage

original title: no one in Chengguan District is expected to fund 50million euros a year) two-stage aerial photography thoroughly inventory complex terrain garbage

yesterday, the Chengguan District government learned that in order to promote the comprehensive environmental management of the whole region in depth, comprehensively improve the living environment within the jurisdiction, and constantly transform the garbage free management of the whole region to refinement and scientization, The new aerial photography technology of unmanned aerial vehicles was used for the first time in this area, and it took two days to capture the construction and domestic garbage along the railway, key roads, slopes, gullies in the whole area

according to the introduction, in order to make the UAV aerial photography achieve practical results, the Chengguan District government organized the staff of the supervision section, video section and technology section of the district digital center to participate in and set up an aerial photography team, focusing on the comprehensive monitoring of domestic waste and construction waste in qingbaishi area. A total of 25 cases were found and reported to the urban management committee, which sent them to relevant streets and functional departments for time limited cleaning and remediation after receiving the cases. At the same time, in order to ensure that the garbage captured by drones is thoroughly treated, the district digital center will conduct a re inspection in early September, so as to form a closed-loop monitoring mode of finding problems, solving problems, and re inspection problems, and effectively promote the region wide garbage free treatment

after the first UAV capture successfully measured the percentage of the work of shortening the annual recovery of the sample and the work consumed during stretching, Chengguan District increased the capture efforts again, dispatched two aerial photography teams, expanded the scope of the monitoring area, and conducted an all-round cruise capture of the north area of the Yellow River, Jiuzhou area, Yantan area, Baiyin road street, Wuquan street, Donggang street and other areas along the railway road, as well as the Nanshan farmhouse area of Fulongping, A total of 35 cases were found and dealt with in a timely manner. "Drone capture can be seamless, and there is no place to hide garbage where the camera has scanned". In the past, it was difficult to find garbage in some areas through human drainage in streets and communities, such as garbage in some gullies and slopes, which was difficult to see and find if people couldn't get there. " A street person said so

the relevant person in charge of Chengguan District government said that the aerial view image captured by the UAV was clear, especially for the comprehensive discovery and thorough inventory of domestic waste and construction waste in areas with complex terrain. The new aerial photography technology is not only convenient for work, but also saves a lot of manpower and material. The experimental equipment is equipped with up-down stretching fixture force, which effectively supplies the "weakness" that urban management can only rely on human inspection, breaks the "blind spot" of urban management, effectively improves the refinement level of urban management, and constructs and improves the "big city management" management system

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