Advantages of the hottest UV printing

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Advantages of UV printing

1 High color saturation and good color effect. Compared with traditional lithography, UV printing can obtain higher color effect, and for prints with strict color requirements, it can obtain more satisfactory results

2. The image gloss is high and the vision is gorgeous. Matching with the matt background color, you can get an exciting visual contrast, which is very helpful to strengthen the high-quality image of the product (Tolliver, 1998)

3. It is suitable for many kinds of printed objects with completely different physical and chemical properties after the symbol, including paper, cardboard, plastic, sirol, PVC, pe... Paper and film. This feature can print more product categories than traditional lithography, and has a broader market future

4. At the same time of printing, it can be dried immediately, which can greatly improve the production efficiency (RadTech, 1998). As there is no need to wait for new ideas, it is understood that the ink drying time can be greatly shortened, and the printing company can also save a lot of space for storing the pieces to be dried, which is very helpful for cost savings

5. Due to the immediate drying during printing, there is no need to use powder spraying, which can improve the quality problems caused by powder spraying and can be avoided

6. Due to the immediate drying during printing, no color change occurred within 48 hours after printing (ehrlitzer, 1998)

7. The image has better optical rotation resistance

8. The abrasion resistance of the image is better

9. Relatively friendly to the environment (RadTech, 1998)

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