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Advantages, disadvantages and cost comparison of mainstream PMP solutions

the improvement of people's entertainment needs, which used to only meet the hearing, will naturally transition to meet the vision, so that there will be a refreshing and refreshing feeling. Mp4 came into being. Because it is a new generation product, the current price is basically more than 5000 yuan. Just like that, in the early days, when you bought a "brick" for more than 10000 yuan, the function was also very single, but now you can buy a "brick" with stronger function and appearance for hundreds of yuan

however, there is still no unified view in the industry on the specific concept of MP4. Now the concept of people's brain is still derived from MP3, thinking that adding video is MP4. If we only regard MP4 as a video player that can play MP4 format, MP4 has great limitations both from the perspective of film source and visual appreciation. MP4 that simply plays video can only exist as a transitional product and is difficult to become the mainstream of the market

if MP4 is positioned as a PMP handheld video player, it will not only be able to play video files, but also be a portable audio-visual device with shooting/recording and TV Festival directory/broadcast functions. Such a product is the real conceptual MP4. If the future MP4 can increase the TV signal receiving function, provide wireless and wired network interfaces, diversify functions, support a special format, have game functions, and don't panic and pause, MP4 will become a product that consumers really need

according to the prediction of authoritative institutions, only in the Chinese market in 2005, the growth rate of MP4 will reach about 310%, and the overall market scale is expected to exceed 1billion yuan. By 2008, the MP4 market will exceed 10billion yuan, with an amazing growth rate. The new generation MP4 is good. 5. The free end of the sample is folded in half for 180o. The good development prospect and potential infinite market attract many manufacturers to vigorously develop and promote it to the market. But how to make our products more competitive in the market? Let's talk about the PMP solutions in the current market first

I. features and comments of mainstream PMP chip solutions

in terms of solutions, various solutions compete to shine. It mainly includes:

1 Sigmadesigns em851x scheme

sigmadesigns 851x processor is the most powerful and comprehensive professional decoding chip at present. It adopts dual core design, integrates 200MHz 32-bit RISC processor and MPEG decoding processor on a single chip, and completes the provision of various interfaces, system processing and smooth wma V9, DivX V3.11 and DivX V4 required by the system without the support of other peripheral chips X and 5 10. MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MPEG-1 and other video decoding

sigmadesigns em8510 chip

advantages: single chip, low power consumption; Hard core video can be used for fatigue experiment (American Standard) frequency decoding, and the video playback effect is good

disadvantages: the network video format cannot be played. Jinan experimental machine factory concretes the platform. On the one hand, it discusses in detail some technologies of ordinary protection and maintenance measures of domestic instruments and foreign advanced instruments of the same type: RM, RMVB, etc., and the main frequency is only 200MHz. Need 60000 yuan to buy the development platform kit. The memory can only be connected to ordinary SDRAM, not DDR2

2. Amd alchemy solution

amd company is not content with the blank of PMP market, and launched the processor alchemy au1200 specially designed for PMP in January, 2005. Amd has made few achievements in the embedded market. This time, it can launch special processors for the PMP market. It seems that AMD is very optimistic about this market

this is a low-power, high-performance system solution designed to enable consumers to enjoy high-quality video entertainment on the road. Au1200 is specially optimized for personal media player (PMP), which can provide a variety of new generation functions, such as expandable DVD quality display function, the ability to transmit video content directly from digital video recorder, and longer battery life. After the content is transmitted to the PMP, the DVD quality display function provided by the au1200 processor can be directly extended to a larger screen without affecting the image quality. Au1200 processor supports industry standard media formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG2, MPEG4, wmv9, H.263, DivX, XviD, MP3, wma, WAV, ASF, avi, JPEG

the main features of AMD au1200 processor include: low power consumption, high-performance processor, long-term support, and extremely low power consumption:

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