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Advantages of Xin servo system high-precision web Slitter

1. The whole slitting process is fully automated to avoid the waste of human resources

2. It adopts man-machine interface control, with a variety of parameters, simple operation, and can be adjusted at any time during the slitting process

3. Classification methods of the whole machine's electrical, pneumatic components, seals, material testing machines. Many important parts such as bearings and reducers are famous brand products in Europe, America, Japan and so on, To ensure the reliability and service life of the equipment, the whole machine can enjoy one-year free warranty and lifelong maintenance

4. set the automatic alarm system. Once a fault occurs, the warning signal will ring, and the fault diagnosis report will be displayed on the human-machine interface. Through the fault report, the operator can quickly find the cause of the fault and eliminate it

5. Automatically adjust the edges and corners of different lengths of paper. Convenient and direct

6. Precision cast cylinder roller knife, light and balanced, reduces wind resistance, eliminates paper floating, and enhances paper output stability

7. Button electric adjustment of paper bending group. Quick operation

8. The perfect winding tension setting program can be directly mastered in the human-machine interface, and the robot will also help human beings deal with other things.

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