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Advantages of variable frequency power supply

variable frequency power supply and 60Hz power supply are a new thing produced under the rapid development of science and technology. The progress of plastic granulator technology is closely related to the development of the whole national economy. With the continuous development of society in order to solve this problem, science and technology are also changing with each passing day. In such an era of rampant science and technology, Many things around people are changing, old things gradually fade out of people's vision, and new things continue to emerge. Variable frequency power supply and 60Hz power supply have their own unique advantages over the previous power supply

first of all, the variable frequency power supply has high stability. The variable frequency power supply is very close to the ideal AC power supply. Its frequency is stable, the voltage is stable, and the voltage waveform is more sensitive to the shear rate. It is a pure sine wave. Therefore, now more and more countries begin to use the variable frequency power supply as the standard power supply, so as to provide a better power supply environment for electrical appliances. Compared with other power supplies, the power supply provided in this way will be stable. Strictly check the running direction of the compressor

secondly, variable frequency power supply can save more electricity. The application of variable frequency power supply speed regulation technology is becoming more and more skilled, and the variable frequency speed regulation system has less loss and high work efficiency, which saves more electricity for the society. The motor of variable-frequency power supply is always kept in the running state of low slip, which reduces the loss of rotor

thirdly, variable frequency power supply saves benefits. Variable frequency power supply speed regulation can replace mechanical speed change, which can improve the accuracy of the machine and meet the needs of program control. Variable frequency speed regulation can also replace the baffle to adjust the flow, which will save some unnecessary operating procedures, so that the whole control program has high accuracy and stability

as a new scientific and technological achievement, variable frequency power supply has its own unique advantages. I believe that it will have a broader development prospect and a good development trend in the future

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