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Advantages of turning superhard materials

superhard materials are made into plastics that meet certain requirements. If it is not necessary to use polymer materials, the advantages of turning: compared with grinding technology, turning superhard materials has the following advantages:

1. Both "soft cutting" and superhard cutting can be carried out on one lathe. One machine tool is equivalent to two machine tools, which saves plant space, It also reduces the special capital investment in purchasing machine tools, fixtures and software

2. The chip efficiency of superhard turning is 4 ~ 6 times that of grinding

3. In the process of superhard turning, the workpiece with complex shape can be processed by using the characteristics of single point cutting of turning tool, while the grinder can only be grinded by forming grinding wheel

4. Multiple cutting processes can be completed by one setting, which saves the time of workpiece handling and reinstallation, and reduces workpiece damage

5. Superhard turning can easily reach the surface roughness of Ra0.2 ~ Ra0.4

6. The lathe with superhard turning can adapt to different specifications of workpieces, especially in the mold industry, and meet the processing of different batches and complex workpieces

7. In the experimental process of superhard turning, the chips that can display the force value, displacement and loading rate in real time are easier to deal with than the abrasive chips, which meets the requirements of environmental protection

8. The tool inventory cost is low

superhard turning is a practical technology, which can provide good economic benefits and better workpiece quality, especially on machine tools with high dynamic rigidity. The superhard turning process is not much different from the general turning process. Most manufacturers can introduce this new technology and apply it to actual production. Looking forward to the future, with the continuous research and improvement of cutting technology and machine tool performance, the new technology of superhard turning will gradually become perfect and be more widely used

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