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Headspace gas analysis and quality control

oxygen and steam are the main factors affecting the shelf life of most products. It is found that controlling the proportion of gas components in the packaging can effectively extend the shelf life of products or improve the storage quality, which has become the main motivation for the rapid development and application of barrier functional films. However, it is worth noting that the escape of the filling gas in the package (almost all the filling gas used in map and cap packaging contain no oxygen) will lead to an increase in the proportion of oxygen in the package. In addition, a small amount of air will remain in the package after filling, so the actual gas composition in the package will be different from the expected. What problems will this cause? How to solve these problems? This article will introduce in detail the relationship between headspace gas analysis and detection and quality control of packaged products, as well as the precautions in the purchase of headspace gas analyzer. Welcome to call:

1 why do you need headspace gas analysis

there is always a certain amount of gas in the actual packaging, such as flavor snacks, baked goods, meat products, dairy products, coffee, fruit juice, carbonated beverages, tablets, injections, oral liquids, perfume, bath products, etc. even the so-called vacuum packaging only tries to reduce the gas content in the packaging and cannot achieve the effect of complete elimination. It is difficult to use other technical means to control and change the gas composition inside the package from the end of filling to the opening of the package before using the product. The use of barrier packaging materials can only hinder the gas infiltration/seepage into the packaging materials, and can not eliminate the existing oxygen and other gases inside the package (excluding the addition of deoxygenation technology in the package). Therefore, if the package contains oxygen or other product sensitive gases, it will still affect the product quality and gradually change the gas composition inside the package. In order to minimize the content of specific gases, map and cap packaging are widely used. The inert gases that play a key role in extending the shelf life of products are mainly composed of nitrogen and carbon dioxide with stable properties. However, with the extension of product storage time, the gas composition will also change step by step. It can be seen that no matter which packaging form is adopted, it is always difficult for us to hang the epoxy adhesive for stone curtain wall to master the gas composition inside the packaging at all times, which brings difficulties to the analysis of product quality, the effectiveness of shelf life prediction and the rationality of packaging design. Headspace gas analysis can effectively solve this problem by detecting the gas components gathered at the top of the packaging. Now it has become an important means to inspect the packaging design quality and one of the important methods to verify the product shelf life

2 key points of headspace gas analysis

oxygen and carbon dioxide are the key points of headspace gas analysis and detection

oxygen not only destroys the nutrients in food, for example, oxygen will oxidize the oil in food, produce peculiar smell, and even produce toxic substances. At the same time, oxygen is also the condition for most bacteria to reproduce and grow (bacteria reproduction is the main cause of food deterioration). However, when the oxygen content is below 2% and the carbon dioxide content is above 7%, both food and bacteria are in hibernation, It can effectively extend the shelf life of food. Many drugs, such as low-cost iron salts, iodides, nitrites, and organic drugs containing unsaturated carbon chains, can be slowly oxidized by oxygen in the air, causing discoloration, odor, decomposition, deterioration and failure, and some may also produce toxicity. Most cosmetics contain oil components. Unsaturated bonds in oil are easy to oxidize and cause deterioration (rancidity), and oxygen is the main external cause of rancidity. Carbon dioxide is an important gas component in cap packaging and map packaging. The change of its content is closely related to the shelf life of products, and the maintenance of carbon dioxide content in the packaging is directly related to the taste and quality of carbonated beverages. Drug packaging also needs to pay attention to the impact of carbon dioxide, because some drugs can combine with carbon dioxide in the air, resulting in deterioration and failure. For example, some hydroxides, oxides and calcium salts can absorb carbon dioxide to form carbonates

3 factors needing attention in equipment selection

there are many kinds of headspace gas analyzers on the market at present, but to select a practical and reliable equipment, the following factors should be taken into account:

1 Detect the type of gas. At present, all headspace gas analyzers can detect the oxygen content, but not all equipment can detect the carbon dioxide content. The current quality of the product can be analyzed through the oxygen content, but the future quality assurance effect of the product cannot be judged. Therefore, it is an effective way to improve the accuracy of shelf life prediction to expand the types of measurable gases as much as possible

2. Volume of sample gas. We know that with the development of the trend of packaging miniaturization, more and more independent small packaging emerge in endlessly, and the gas volume in the packaging is greatly reduced accordingly. However, the detector of the headspace gas analyzer must absorb a sufficient amount of test gas for detection, and if a probe is used for sampling, the internal volume of the probe and the volume of the hose connecting the equipment also need to be taken into account. The large volume demand of test gas is a major disadvantage of the traditional handheld headspace gas analyzer, but the desktop device can solve this problem by direct sampling

easy loading and unloading of doors and covers 3 System response time. All headspace gas analyzers use the same method to seal the probe penetration, but in fact, small leakage around the probe penetration starts at any time, which will pollute the test gas in the package. Therefore, the length of system response time will have a certain impact on the test effect

4. Sensor service life. Generally speaking, the gas sensor of the headspace gas analyzer is always under the test gas concentration. Affected by the test principle and gas content of the sensor, the sensor has a service life and cannot be extended. At that time, the sensor can only be replaced. Therefore, the service life of the sensor should also be paid attention to when selecting equipment

5. Portability of equipment and convenience of data output. Nowadays, in order to better test the actual quality of products, the testing process may not be completed in the laboratory, so the portability of products is reflected here. Equipment with good portability can be tested with testers in warehouses, stores, during transportation, or even before the use of products. However, equipment with poor portability can only be used in the laboratory, which will reduce the testing efficiency. However, at present, most portable headspace gas analyzers do not have the function of real-time printing of test results. Although the test data can be saved in the equipment, it is easy to cause confusion if the amount of detection is large

4 advantages of hga-01 headspace gas analyzer

labthink has recently launched hga-01 headspace gas analyzer, which absorbs the advantages of desktop and portable devices and has many unique advantages. First of all, it can detect the content of oxygen and carbon dioxide at the same time, and the range and accuracy have reached the level of world-class products. Secondly, it has two injection methods: automatic injection and manual injection. It can detect the content of oxygen and carbon dioxide at the same time. The minimum amount of manual injection has reached the highest level in the world, making the detection of small packaging completely possible. Third, special needles, gaskets and filters are configured, and the pumping time and response time are also improved to the greatest extent, which can fully ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the test data. Fourth, equipped with the longest service life gas sensor in the world, it can meet the normal use of at least 6 years. Fifthly, although the volume of hga-01 headspace gas analyzer is larger than that of ordinary portable devices, it has the printing function that traditional portable devices do not have, and Labthink has equipped it with a professional and portable toolbox, so that it can be easily used in various environments and conduct rapid test of samples

5 summary

headspace gas analysis and detection can enable us to more conveniently, accurately and quickly control the change of gas composition in the packaging, become an important data support for analyzing product quality, validity of shelf life and rationality of packaging design, and is an indispensable detection means for strengthening product quality control. Practical and reliable equipment is the basis for quality control and ensuring detection quality

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