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Analysis and prevention of elevator accidents

1 Types of elevator accidents

the types of elevator accidents can be divided into door system accidents, roof punching or squatting accidents and other accidents according to the system location of the accident. According to statistics, the probabilities of the number of various accidents in the total number of elevator accidents are: door system accidents account for about 80%, roof punching or squatting accidents account for about 15%, and other accidents account for about 5%. Door system accidents account for the largest proportion of elevator accidents and occur most frequently

2. Causes of elevator accidents and preventive measures

defects of use or maintenance personnel and hidden dangers of elevator safety are the preconditions for elevator accidents. If one of the conditions is met, the elevator accident may or may not occur; However, if both conditions are met, the elevator accident must occur. If we understand or master this principle and make sure that none of the conditions are met, we can effectively prevent the occurrence of elevator accidents

(1) defects of maintenance units or maintenance personnel

some maintenance units or maintenance personnel do not follow the principle of safety first, pre inspection and pre repair, and planned maintenance, but treat the headache and foot pain. They do not carry out preventive maintenance in a planned way. Instead, they do not carry out emergency repair until there is a fault and the elevator stops. It is both a delay and a delay. Some maintenance units or maintenance personnel even perfunctory, Disregard the safety of the elevator

managers or maintenance personnel should strengthen the study of relevant laws and regulations to ensure that there are laws to follow. Relevant departments should strengthen law enforcement and constantly improve the construction of laws and regulations

(2) potential safety hazards and preventive measures of elevator

the reason why door system accidents occur at the highest rate is due to the structural characteristics of the elevator system. Because each operation process of the elevator has to go through the process of opening the door twice and closing the door twice, so that the door lock works frequently and aging speed is fast. Over time, the mechanical or electrical protection device of the door lock is not reliable. If the maintenance and replacement are not timely and the elevator runs with hidden dangers, it is easy to cause accidents

the top collision or bottom squatting accident is generally caused by the failure of the brake of the elevator. The brake is a very important part of the elevator. If the brake fails or has hidden dangers, the elevator will be out of control without safety guarantee, and the consequences will be unimaginable. In order to effectively prevent the occurrence of jacking accidents, in addition to strengthening the improvement of standards, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection, maintenance and repair of brakes

other accidents such accidents are mainly caused by the failure or unreliability of individual devices

3. Accident case

(1) door system accident 1

****** food packaging is the most widely used field of film. On the * day of *, the elevator on the south side of building * * Beili * * * in * * District, Beijing opened the door while running, resulting in two grandparents and grandchildren of a three-story resident being cut while getting on the elevator, resulting in one death and one injury** At the same time that the production line was completed in, an elevator accident occurred in a bank in Shandong Province on * *. On that day, a passenger entered the car to select the floor, stood at the door and waited for others to take the elevator together. At this time, the elevator was running down at normal speed with the door open, squeezing the passenger's head and jaw from the upper edge of the car and the sill, causing serious injury

(2) door system accident 2

**** on * *, a fatal elevator accident occurred in a garment factory in Shandong Province. The elevator is a passenger and freight elevator with 6 floors and 6 stations, xpj type, rated speed of 0.5m/s, rated load of 1000kg, and door lock of gs7511 type. Due to the early manufacture of the elevator, the models of various components have tended to be aging. Due to the frequent collision between the triangle bumper and the hook lock, the triangle bumper has been ground into his expected rounding arc. In addition, the spring is aging, and the engagement depth is only 3mm. As long as it is outside the landing door, it is easy to open the landing door by hand. In response to this situation, the maintenance personnel have reported to the unit leaders for three times, and all of them replied that the enterprise benefits are poor and the funds are tight, so they can wait until later** On the afternoon of may * *, when * * * workshop closed, Gao was the leader of the first workshop team. He walked a little late after work, about * * *. When he came out of the workshop (the workshop was on the fourth floor), he found that the elevator was about to close, and Gao was about 15m away from the elevator. At this time, the elevator had started and was rapidly heading for the sixth floor. Gao opened the floor door with his hand, stepped in, stepped out, fell into the pit, and died on the spot. This is a typical accident caused by managers and users not paying attention to safety

(3) roof punching or bottom squatting accident

for a 24 storey MBDS elevator in a housing management institute in Beijing, the maintenance workers forgot to pull out the brake wrench during operation. With the vibration of the elevator, the wrench was inserted more and more tightly, resulting in the failure to close the band brake. At this time, the elevator returned to the first floor. The maintenance worker was about to withdraw from the car, but found that the elevator automatically went up. A sizing block was added under the base to adjust. When he hesitated, he saw that the elevator was moving faster and faster. He turned off the emergency stop switch on the car roof, but it was of no help, and the maintenance worker was at a loss. The elevator got out of control, accelerated to the 24th floor, roared to the top, and the maintenance worker immediately gathered up and crouched at the lowest point of the car roof. With a loud bang, the lift car; The middle section shook the whole building. The maintenance worker's life was saved, but the car roof compound sheave was broken by the floor, and a big bulge was arched on the top of the machine room

(4) other accidents

**************************************************************************************. When they were adjusting the bolts, someone pressed the call button, and the elevator went up quickly. Li was squeezed into the lift car and the side hoistway of the hall door on the 6th floor, and died after rescue

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