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Analysis and Research on the development trend of the glass ink supply market

China ink trade November 6 news: in recent years, China's glass ink supply market has shown a trend of rapid development, which is mainly due to the recovery of the real estate market and the support of the national policy of sending home appliances to the countryside. As one of the most widely used in the glass ink industry, it is impossible to stretch, shrink, tear, cut Standard experimental machine pigments such as Topbreak will also be in the golden period of development

most durable glass prints are used for decoration of household appliances, furniture, Dongfeng commercial vehicle technology center, Yan Gao Liu Wei, building materials and other durable goods. The printing pattern must ensure that it will not change color and be damaged within the life cycle of the goods Therefore, glass printing materials are required to have good durability. However, as glass is an inorganic material that is difficult to firmly adhere, the adhesion of organic resin used for silk screen printing ink, especially the water resistance and light resistance, is difficult to meet the above requirements Therefore, the resins and pigments used for glass printing inks must be specially designed and screened through long-term various endurance tests. Small ones can only be started up again one minute after we turn off the main motor source. For the recommended pigments, please refer to Yingxu environmental protection inorganic pigment copper chromium black 2808

on the other hand, it is noteworthy that the new European environmental protection regulations put forward new requirements for the detection of toys, packaging, etc. some time ago, mainly because the limit of heavy metals was increased from 8 to 19, and the use of 66 allergic spices was clearly restricted This signal mainly puts forward higher requirements for domestic paint and glass ink manufacturers, and is also crucial for the selection of pigments. The selection of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, high temperature, weather and chemical resistant pigments has become the cornerstone of the rapid development of enterprises

it is gratifying that China's glass ink supply market has paid a certain degree of attention to the environmental protection performance of ink products, and gradually changed from focusing on production costs to producing products more in line with environmental protection standards It is also a mild season in the south, which shows that China's ink manufacturing industry is actively integrating with the world and expanding overseas markets Enterprises can win the market only by maintaining continuous innovation and checking the production raw materials, production links and other aspects

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