The technology of bearing sealing

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Technology of bearing sealing

technical outline the newly developed rolling bearings are equipped with corresponding sealing devices on both ends. Its function, on the one hand, is to keep the lubricating grease (oil) inside the bearing from losing during use, so as to ensure that the bearing is in a lubricated state; on the other hand, it is to protect the dust or harmful gas outside the bearing from entering the bearing cavity, so as to reserve a distance of 20mm to prevent damage to the bearing. Common ones are rubber or engineering plastic sealing rings, and also steel plate punching sealing rings (or dust covers). The sealing structure of the sealing ring is various, and the sealing effect is also different. If there is a gap between the seal ring and the rotating shaft, it is called non-contact seal. The smaller the gap, the better the sealing effect, but the smaller the allowable shaft speed; On the contrary, on the contrary. If there is no gap between the sealing ring and the rotating shaft of new energy vehicles, which accounts for more than 20% of the automobile production and sales, it is called contact seal. The larger the contact area of the sealing ring contact lip, the better the sealing effect. However, the smaller the allowable shaft speed, the opposite is true. The main research content of sealing technology is to research and develop the corresponding sealing devices applied under different working conditions, as well as the compatibility of the sealing ring material and the corresponding grease

selection basis

it has been more than 4 years since the bearing was installed with the sealing device. In the past, the bearings were all open. In order to ensure the lubrication and dust prevention of the bearings, the sealing device was set on the shaft at both ends of the bearing. With the development of industry, especially the popularization of food industry, modern office machinery and home appliances, it is required that the equipment should be compact in design, light in weight, and prevent water and air leakage. Therefore, the bearing with sealing device appears. It has many years of industry experience. First of all, it is widely used in a large number of deep groove bearings. In recent years, bearings with different sealing rings have appeared in all kinds of rolling bearings. Bearing sealing is one of the important directions of bearing technology development. At present, one quarter of China's bearing output has been equipped with sealing rings. In the next decade, there will be kinds of bearing structures every year, 10000 sets of bearings will be developed into sealed structure bearings. Different structure bearings and different working conditions require different seal ring structures and materials, so the research and development workload is very large. Development trend at home and abroad several major Bearing Companies in Japan (Seiko, Toyo, bueryue, etc.) represent the development direction of bearing sealing technology. They have an early history in the development of sealing bearing device technology, and their research depth is large. At present, the sealing technology is relatively mature. It has developed from single sealing lip to multi sealing lip, and developed non-contact sealing from contact sealing; In terms of product types, ball bearings and roller bearings are available. Following the international development trend, China has also developed deep groove ball bearings with sealing rings, water pump bearings, railway (tapered roller) bearings, needle roller bearings and short column roller bearings. Among them, deep groove ball bearings have the largest output and the widest application. According to the recent quality inspection results of China's sealed bearings by the National Bureau of technology, the structural design of China's sealed bearings has major problems, the sealing effect is not good, and the grease leakage phenomenon is serious, which is strongly reflected by users. After analysis, the main reason is that the current seal ring design structure in China is unreasonable, the inner ring does not have a seal groove, and the manufacturing accuracy is not high. Therefore, the future development trend of bearing sealing technology in China is: represented by deep groove ball bearings, the disadvantages of such teaching methods are also self-evident sealing technology tests, looking for the best sealing ring structure and the best sealing life, carrying out sealing material research, looking for wear-resistant, aging resistant, high temperature resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, in order to improve the service life of contact sealing, The development of sealing rings working under high temperature or harmful atmosphere has laid a technical foundation

main research contents and objectives according to the current situation of poor quality of sealed bearings in China, the main research contents in the future are as follows: first, research and test, select the seal ring structure of deep groove ball bearings and develop the corresponding seal groove structure of inner ring of bearings, and update the current seal structure of deep groove ball bearings. Strive to make the sealing performance of this kind of bearing catch up with the advanced level of similar products at the end of the 1990s in 2005; Secondly, combined with the development of China's car industry, high-temperature sealed bearings suitable for long-term operation at high temperature of ℃ are developed; The third is a new sealing structure for tapered cylindrical roller bearing series, represented by railway vehicle bearings

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