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Analysis and Research on the operation management of the corrugated box industry in Jiangxi Province (I)

operation management (also known as the operation management of production made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP)) is one of the basic functions of enterprise operation and management. The main objectives of operation management are: quality, cost, time, service and flexibility, which are the key elements of enterprise competitiveness. Therefore, the performance of operation management plays a key role in the success of enterprises

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under the circumstances of increasingly diversified market demand, higher and higher customer requirements and increasing competition among enterprises, it is one of the most challenging contents in the field of modern enterprise management to focus on the operation and management of enterprises and how to provide high-quality and low-cost products in a timely and appropriate manner. In particular, it is of great practical significance to the production and operation of corrugated box, a competitive industry with low profit, and even the development of the whole carton industry

I. current situation of the corrugated box industry in Jiangxi the corrugated box industry is an important part of the packaging industry. Corrugated boxes are widely used in the packaging field because they have excellent packaging skills such as light weight and firmness, and are recyclable and environmentally friendly products. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection in society, the requirements for environmental protection will be higher and higher, and the development prospect of corrugated boxes will be broader

the prospect is very decadent. At present, there are more than 500 corrugated box manufacturing enterprises in Jiangxi, of which more than 100 have obtained the "export packaging quality license". The corrugated box industry in the province has 45 automatic cardboard production lines and more than 200 single-sided corrugated machines. In 2003, the total output of the whole industry was about 500million square meters, and the total sales volume was about 1.5 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of more than 20%

in recent years, with the intensification of reform and opening up in Jiangxi and the adjustment of industrial structure in the eastern coastal provinces and cities, the processing industry has been continuously transferred to the central region, which has brought a golden opportunity for the development of the packaging industry in Jiangxi, especially the corrugated box industry, and new carton enterprises are emerging

however, with the rapid development, the market competition is also further intensified, and some problems exposed in the industry are also very prominent. For example, in the current situation of rising raw material prices, due to fierce competition, the sales price of cartons can not go up. However, most enterprises are unable to absorb the cost rise caused by rising raw materials due to lagging information management and still using the traditional production and operation mode. As a result, the benefits of the whole carton industry have declined, and there has been disorder and transitional competition to a certain extent. It can be seen that the problems and challenges faced by the corrugated box industry should be highly valued by the insiders

II. Basic status and characteristics of the current operation mode of the Jiangxi carton industry

corrugated cartons are paper packaging containers made of raw materials such as corrugated base paper, core paper and box board paper through multiple processes such as corrugating, bonding, drying and forming, slitting, printing, indentation and slotting, and box making. Corrugated box production is a typical process type of manufacturing, and its production operation organization generally adopts the specialized form of process object. According to the different production equipment, the corrugated box production process can generally be divided into three forms: first, single machine manual production, that is, each process is completed by single machine and manual operation; The second is semi-automatic production of single-sided unit, that is, some processes are completed by double combination processing; The third is the automatic production line of paperboard, that is, all the processes of paperboard production are completed by the automatic assembly line. After Bayer materials science and technology exhibition of ecological balance, the carton making process is produced by unit combination

single machine manual production is characterized by less equipment investment, high utilization of raw materials, but more labor consumption and low product quality. It is suitable for small batch production with low requirements for carton quality. The automatic paperboard production line is characterized by high production efficiency, high product quality and stability, but large equipment investment. It is suitable for batch production or providing finished paperboard products for small and medium-sized carton enterprises. Single side unit production is between single machine production and automatic line production. With the continuous improvement of users' requirements for cartons and the increasing competition in the carton industry, the single machine manual production mode has been basically eliminated. In addition, the production of single-sided unit also has the trend of accelerating the development to the automatic paperboard production line

based on a comprehensive analysis of the current operation mode of Jiangxi corrugated box industry, the author believes that it has the following characteristics:

1 Because corrugated boxes are sufficient to provide packaging for specific products (commodities), and each commodity belongs to a specific business, has a specific purpose and shape, and has a unique trademark and brand, the specificity of corrugated boxes is very prominent, which determines that the corrugated box industry generally adopts a strict order production method. The production and operation plan of corrugated box enterprises also adopts the strict production by sales method, and this plan has three obvious characteristics: rough linearity, immediacy and uncertainty

2. As corrugated box enterprises organize production according to various requirements specified by users in advance, the quality requirements of corrugated boxes are strictly adaptive. Generally, there are only qualified products and unqualified products, so the classification of quality grade is of great significance. High quality is waste; Unqualified quality is a waste product, because it can neither be degraded for use, nor can remedial measures be taken for rework afterwards

3. Corrugated box is used to provide packaging for all kinds of products. It has the characteristics of supporting attributes and short-term usability (used during transportation and sales). In order to reduce costs, reduce inventory and facilitate product conversion, carton users often require carton manufacturers to provide products on time, in quantity and according to specified requirements. Therefore, carton manufacturers have objective requirements and characteristics of fine production

4. Corrugated box is a typical intermediate product, not a terminal consumer product, which is difficult to form its own brand value and product differentiation strategic advantage. Therefore, the low-cost advantage of corrugated box production has become the main means of market competition

5. Corrugated box enterprises have the characteristics of large-scale import and export of raw materials processing production. Raw materials generally account for more than 60% ~ 70% of the total product cost. Therefore, it is very important to strengthen the management of supply chain for the production and operation of corrugated boxes and even the operation of enterprises

III. The main problems existing in the current operation mode of Jiangxi corrugated box industry in recent years, with the technological progress and the improvement of enterprise management, the backward single machine production mode has been basically eliminated before the corrugated box industry in Jiangxi, the automatic cardboard production line production mode has developed rapidly, and the professional division of labor and cooperation mode in the industry has begun to appear. However, the current operation mode of Jiangxi carton industry still has the following main problems:

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