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With the upgrading of people's consumption structure, consumers' demand for brands has become increasingly strong. In the face of the current form, many wardrobe enterprises have launched brand marketing strategies. However, there are very few enterprises that really succeed. Therefore, the pursuit of in-depth brand marketing is a wise move. At present, whether in the field of FMCG, agricultural materials market, home building materials and other fields, the concept and strategy of in-depth marketing are very effective marketing models and means. In depth marketing is the key to winning the wardrobe brand, and the whole house custom furniture joined dewell

analysis: what is deep marketing

deep marketing mode comes from the development and extension of regional rolling strategy. The principle of regional rolling strategy is to intensively cultivate in one place, concentrate resources and make breakthroughs, and then carry out rolling replication, and then connect points into lines, connect lines into areas, and gradually obtain the competitive advantage of the market. This is a tactical strategy, which gradually extends into a strategic idea of marketing and an effective marketing model, referred to as the deep marketing model

why should wardrobe brands do in-depth marketing

nowadays, brand consumption has become the trend of the times. A large number of advertisements can enhance brand exposure and play a great role in brand building. The celebrity spokesperson strategy of some wardrobe brand enterprises is also to catch the ride of the star effect, hoping to improve the influence of the brand among consumers. Of course, some enterprises put in a large number of advertisements to improve brand exposure, but it did not play a great role due to lack of stamina and other reasons. From the perspective of the high-intensity investment of the above-mentioned popular brands, if wardrobe enterprises want to maintain high-intensity investment for a long time, many brand enterprise leaders have not been prepared psychologically enough

wardrobe brands not only need excellent brand positioning and brand publicity, but also need high-intensity and long-term capital investment, follow-up with market sales, and positive feedback of profits. All this is the essence of modern commercial system engineering. It is very difficult to operate. If you are careless, you will lose everything. As it happens, deep marketing is actually a mainstream marketing method adopted by a wardrobe enterprise in the face of a complex multi-level market without strong brand power and strong product differentiation advantages

six core ideas emphasized by deep marketing

first, it emphasizes the intensive cultivation and rolling development of the regional market

first concentrate the superior forces to establish the base area, and obtain more than 1.732 times the advantage in this market (in short, obtain 1.8 times the advantage). There is a hidden law called "Lanchester law". "Lanchester's law" points out that when you are 1.8 times the competitive advantage of the other party, your probability of success and probability of winning are * large; When you reach 3 ~ 4 times the competitive advantage, the competitive pressure and loss are the smallest. In short, it is to concentrate the superior forces. This is exactly the same as Chairman Mao's theory of "concentrating superior forces to attack the weak places of the enemy"

second, it emphasizes the win-win of channels. Channels are the king and win the terminal

first, we should cooperate closely through channels to effectively support, help and serve dealers, so that they can cultivate terminals in the regional market according to the basic requirements and intentions of the manufacturers. The terminal can be effectively opened and well controlled, so that the terminal can mainly promote and exclusively promote our products

third, emphasize the operation of the terminal. Deep marketing emphasizes the operation of terminals

what is a terminal? It is the final "outlet" for customers. The interface that sells products and services to consumers and takes money from consumers is called terminal. For example, when selling mobile phones, retail stores are terminals (the landlady is the key figure); For home building materials marketing, the direct user is the terminal. It can be seen that the interface for effectively selling products is called terminal. The in-depth marketing model emphasizes the effective operation of terminals, and has developed a series of effective strategic means such as terminal development, marketing assistance, maintenance, etc

fourth, emphasize the in-depth interaction with target customers, and pay attention to accurate and close to the ground integrated marketing communication and promotion

in popular terms, it is "three points of the sky and seven points of the ground", so now we see that the wardrobe in the household industry and the customized category of the whole house all attach great importance to the promotion and consumer communication activities of the terminal dynamic sales driven by the ground

fifth, emphasize the effective integration and precise allocation of resources

if we want to be a channel and a terminal, we must think about the investment of resources. Marketing emphasizes efficiency. Deep marketing saves money from high-profile marketing and brand bombardment, and puts it close to the ground, terminals and consumers. At the same time, it greatly mobilizes the resources of channels and the enthusiasm of relevant partners to achieve the effect of resource resonance and sharing

sixth, emphasize the systematic coordination of the organization and the efficient implementation of the team

deep marketing does not rely on money, nor does it rely on intensive investment of resources. Without strong brand influence and excellent product comparative competitive advantage, it is completely "millet plus rifle", which starts from the ground. Therefore, the requirements for the combat effectiveness and execution of the team are very high. Basically, it is required to be able to "work from chicken crow to dog Crow - you have to get up before chicken crow, and you can't go home after dog crow", emphasizing the systematic and continuous competition and execution of the team

at the same time, we should also emphasize the support of the platform, such as a series of marketing promotion and customer interaction publicity work from the perspective of terminal distribution, terminal promotion, regional market promotion, etc., which must be supported by the platform, with a strong background such as professional planning platform, material support platform, training platform, etc., to support the front line to truly achieve such a continuous effort as "monthly theme, weekly activities"

facing the new era of consumers, how to innovate the in-depth marketing model

on the first hand, we should gradually transition from channel as king and decisive terminal to consumer as king and face consumers directly

in the past, terminals were king, but now we should gradually become consumers king. Gujia home furnishing, which was listed not long ago, is also emphasizing that it is abandoning the previous high-powered terminal and gradually turning to consumer precision marketing and precision services

second, we should build a new type of manufacturer relationship

in recent years, as the industry continues to mature and the concentration of the industry continues to improve, the concentration of channels is also improving, and a number of modern regional platform dealers with modern business philosophy, corporate operation, professional function platform support, complete staffing, and a high degree of professionalism have emerged

these dealers can actually carry out in-depth cooperation with manufacturers, so we suggest strong cooperation, introduce the operation mode of manufacturer value integration, and let dealers and manufacturers cooperate closely. Manufacturers should "divide the fields to households", and dealers should cultivate the fields themselves; Manufacturers should be "monogamous" and dealers should achieve win-win development. Further strengthen the cooperation efficiency between manufacturers

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